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  1. Hello friends - I am looking to buy a Switch for my 6 y/o nephew for his birthday. He absolutely loves Mario Kart and loves playing it at my house and I would love to pick one up for him. Let me know what you have, please no switch lite. Let me know what you have in regards to joycons/controllers/games appropriate for him. No real preference on joycon color. PM me! Thanks!
  2. That is super odd. I would guess stolen for sure. Trying to clear out as many as they can as quickly as they can.
  3. Nintendo > Genesis > N64 Neighbors had a 32x and I always wondered what the hell that stupid thing was.
  4. I have had really good luck with my receiver. When I bought it it was expensive but I am sure it is much cheaper now with 4k coming out. There are probably different brands that offer input labeling/naming but I have just memorized what is on each input. I have a Pioneer VSX-42. The back looks like this. So, basically, I have my switch plugged into 'game' and I just hit 'game' input to play. Blu ray player hooked into 'BD'. Nes/SNES classic hooked into the others and I think I also have a roku. 6 hdmi inputs was enough for me. The other good thing is that my surround sound and sub is hooked into the speaker ports for the audio. The other good thing is you just have one hdmi cord from your tv to your receiver. So the input on your tv never changes.
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  6. I live in Ohio and the bees we have here are already interesting: honeybees - you can pretty much touch them and they don't do anything, friendly bees wasps - these things are nasty, super long legs and creepy looking, don't really mess with you unless you mess with their nest yellow jackets - look just like honeybees but are real a holes, similar to wasps, you mess or swing at them you better run, my dad is allergic to these so I probably am too lol carpenter bees - had these at my old house, burrowed holes into my pressure treated deck, annoying but they are harmless, big though bumble bees - pretty much harmless, similar to honey bees, just big
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  8. I have never played this game nor do I have it. Will have to find a way...
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