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  1. What exactly does the tweet say...
  2. Yeah, I ordered something on March 19th from Japan and am still waiting. Several of my orders were cancelled last weekend for me too, since I guess there was a country-wide ban on shipping to the US starting last Friday.
  3. Glad to see this one is finally coming out. Too bad no international orders.
  4. Both transactions were great experiences! Easy to work with, too. An easy recommendation.
  5. I am definitely interested in a physical cart!
  6. Yeah, I agree about the Tetris Effect release. I got a copy for $10 new sometime ago, and it looks to be the same thing except with LRG on the front label. I will say, putting the soundtrack on vinyl is pretty awesome.
  7. The only complete collection I have is the NES, and it was Roller Games. Thought I had, but turns out I did not. To boot, when I received it from the seller, back of the case was broken in transport, but at least the board was in tact.
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