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A recent edition from the old site, good to be here.

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I was a late arrival at NA.  Maybe 1-2 years ago.  But I was happy to find it since the only trade/sell avenue I had that I trusted was GameTZ.  In 2008 I was a licensed reseller on ebay and amazon.  And I operated on a quality over quantity approach.  While there were sellers that could buy 200-300 of each item and make $1 on each.  I'd seek out rarities from distributors.  Like Nintendo game & watch donkey kong hockey.  Age Tec RPGs from a distributor named Tommo.  Brady Strategy guides to RPGs.  Things I could make higher profits from for each item.

However I was banned from ever selling on ebay or amazon again in 2008.  Not because I was a cheater.  But because the economic depression gave me such anxiety that I would take so so long to ship things.  Eventually they both "indefinitely suspended" me.  Which to me means forever.  My old Ebay silver powerseller Wyser_Electronics had over 7500 positive feedback when I was lifetime banned.  And before you try to convince me to go begging to be accepted back.  I had already explained, begged, pleaded several times in the past.  Those 2 sites are great places to get good value for video games and FAST.

Right now all I do is sell games from my collection.  I am no longer a business reseller.  But I like to shave off my collection from time to time.  And I got so much more traffic here than on GameTZ.  So I am happy to be back.  Thought I'd share my quicky origin story again.  See you guys on the seller forum, and perhaps videogame discussion!!

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