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Music Debate 41: 2pac

Reed Rothchild

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Editorials Team · Posted

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Master thread with standings

Ratings key: 
10 - One of your very favorite artists of all time.
9 - Killer fucking band.  Or artist.
8 - Great sound, great songs, great albums.
7 - Very good, but not quite great.
6 - Pretty good.  More than a few songs you like.  You'd entertain the thought of seeing them live if they were in the area.  Or still alive.
5 - They're okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to listen to.
4 - Meh.  There may be a song or two, or an album that you dig, but you'd rather listen to other stuff.
3 - Not very good.  You will more likely than not turn the station if they come on the radio.
2 - Not your cup of tea at all.  Some people like this, but you are not one of them.
1 - Horrible in every way.
0 - In the running for worst artist/musician of all time.  You would rather take a cheese grater to your face than listen to this.




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Hard to take him seriously when he studied ballet in school but I had to give him a 10 for his talent. He showed me the power of similes and alliteration......."They say pussy and paper is poetry, power and pistols." That hard P at the beginning of each word is very aggressive and just demands attention when you hear it. He understood the power of writing styles and used it in his lyrics.

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Great writer and highly influential. Definitely embellished the gangsta angle a bit, but whatever. Couldn't freestyle worth shit tho. 7/10 for me. I think it's interesting to look at the difference between the stylistic evolution of him vs BIG. BIG started off more raw and ended in a much more commercial pop friendly style while 2Pac started off commercial and pop friendly with the Digital Underground and tended to go more and more to the opposite end through the rest of his life.

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If anyone can find me a good quality recording of Street Life with 2Pac and Snoop, I will pay you for it. I have been looking for 20 years and haven't been able to find anything except one copy that is a digitally enhanced version of the bad copy that's everywhere. This is an unreleased song that is amazing.

Or I'll trade you unreleased songs I have, including a lot of his songs that eventually got released with completely different beats, like Wordz 2 My First Born, Lil' Homiez and Teardrops And Closed Caskets.

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1 hour ago, JamesRobot said:

7.  His best stuff is dope as fuck but he's def got a few shitty songs.  Still listen to him on the regular. 

I also hear he's not really dead...

I went 8. If he had more time, he may have been the best. He also could have ended up founding the Black Eyed Peas. The world will never know.

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