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2024 VGS NES Weekly Contest - R.C. Pro-Am


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Events Team · Posted

Ladies, gentlemen and all sort of fine folks, welcome to another week of our beloved contest!

This week we will be hitting the gas and pumping up the adrenaline for it is a week of SPEED!
Our talented players will show their mad speed skills on R.C. Pro-Am!!!

The rules are as follow:

  • Play until reach level 11 or till you finish 4th, whichever comes first.
  • Pause your game at the start of level 11 or when you finish 4th and take your picture
  • Highest level wins, with highest score used as tie breaker
  • GENRE: Sports

Get on your remote control and show that you know how to make that toy car fly!

The contest ends Sunday, 04/07/24 at 11 PM VGS time.  Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture for your score to be valid.  The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid.  No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted.  No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed.  You must take a picture of your computer monitor.  There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of myself and the contest organizers.  Also, the use of turbo controllers is forbidden, as well as any cheat codes, Game Genies, slow motion functions, or save states if playing on an emulator.  Also, we will only be using NTSC systems for the contests.  The use of PAL systems will NOT be allowed.  Good luck everyone and have fun.

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Events Team · Posted
1st PII 11 - 92271
2nd Gaia Gensouki 11 - 92007
3rd NESfiend 11 - 91629
4th wongojack 11 - 91364
5th Jeevan 9 - 22862
6th Seppatoni 7 - 27027
7th G-type 7 - 19012
8th mbd39 6 - 23733
9th SuperJimtendo 4 - 11168
10th a3quit4s 4 - 9190
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4 hours ago, mbd39 said:

I don't know how you guys are so good at this. I can't even reach level 11 or get 20k.

The most important thing is to collect 8 letters that spell NINTENDO, which upgrades your car, but also adds something like 50k to your score.  Then take first place every time, hit all the upgrades and blow up your opponents as much as possible.

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9 hours ago, guillavoie said:

I little late to mention this, but, Is it just me, or he looks a bit like @Korckle in this outfit?

That creepy covid era cuddle loving character! He had a dream of only non violent games. He would have been so bummed out by the crashing in this one. It seems innocent enough but those little explosions would have sent him into a tizzy. RIP Korkie baby. 

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Hey guys - this is a favorite of mine.  Here's my Level 11 score after my first session 86,699 I finished 2nd a few times, so I can probably do better.  Orange did get me once, but I just didn't race my best on a couple others.  Track 10 is a tricky one because you can easily crash at the end due to oil slicks - gotta be careful at the end of that one.

Subsequent tries - I managed to have only one 2nd place finish and get up to 91,364



This is my all time personal best.  I was able to spell NINTENDO 3x before finishing 4th.



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