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Multi-genre games list (+ discussion)


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I’m looking to compile a list of games that contain 2 or more genres among their stages. I’ll try and do updates every so often once a few posts have been added with suggestions by you guys. Preferably, the list contains great titles that scratches that gaming itch!

Feel free to add more suggestions from any platform or era!


1. Blaster Master

2. The Guardian Legend

3. Lone Ranger

4. Adventures of Bayou Billy

5. Xexyz

6. Vice Project Doom



1. Super Probotector (Contra 3) - top- down shooting levels; run-and-gun levels.

2. Legend of Mystical Ninja - 2D platform levels; action-RPG levels

3. Actraiser

4. Axelay

5. Super Star Wars Trilogy

6. Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures


1. Shadows of Empire 


1. Sigma Star Saga


1. Batman


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5 hours ago, Sumez said:

Is it really a western developed platformer if it doesn't have a mandatory awful shmup segment?


1 hour ago, Link said:

Do minigames count?

I’m thinking more the full blown stages which are completely different in style but are similar in quality and could well have been 2 or 3 separate games in their own right. 

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Dang I had a thread like this in NA (wish I could find it) and we agreed there on NA, that mini-game type games didn't count (i.e. 3 Stooges, California Games, Caveman Games).


Here's a few more for NES;


Golgo 13

Rescue - the Embassy Mission

North & South

Dick Tracy?


T&C Surf Design?

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Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth “has side-scrolling travel stages in the VZR vehicles, overhead shooting levels, levels where the protagonist leaves the vehicle to explore underground ruins, and first-person shooting levels with boss monsters.”

Ultimate Stuntman, The alternates driving, run ‘n’ gun, and climbing stages. 

Peaking of run & gun, OP mentions Contra 3, how about Contra 1? 

All for NES.


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For Game Boy:
Batman (has a shooter level)
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (top down exploration and side-view space shooter)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (top down exploration and side-view combat)
Taz-Mania (side scroller and front-view "racing" like)
Star Wars (side action, top down speeder, and space combat)
T2: Judgment Day (has a tile switching puzzle section)

Don't think these count as their stages are various mini-games, but just in case:

Bart vs the Juggernauts
Incredible Crash Dummies
Tamagotchi (raising & training, then tournaments and mini-games)
Radar Mission - two main game modes (one is battleship, the other is an arcade shooter)

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So, no love for Mad City (aka: Bayou Billy?)  While the NES game was rigged to punish players having 4x the damage you take and giving 1/2 to the enemies to beat down renters it still was a solid multi-genre game: brawler, driver, zapper (or punisher style) gun sections too.

After finding out what I did, I'm looking to import Mad City to get the true non-kaizo release.



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