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  1. Final Fantasy Legend is done. I sure as hell hope they don't see me again! I tried to do it "legit" without the saw and glass sword, but I still didn't have good enough weapons overall to take him down. Even with the glass sword, my mutants were too inefficient. I would have needed to grind more to really make it happen. I made sure to save before I even went into the boss room this time, and I did have door items, so I could potentially go back and do it, but forget it. After basically two full playthroughs, I'm sick of this thing. I used the saw and got the hell on with my lif
  2. You can do it! I beat the game overall in 3 hours total playtime, so practice makes it passible. It may be better to just push through while you're used to the control scheme and all the input delays.
  3. Congrats on Battletoads! Those games scare me. I'm almost done with Final Fantasy Legend. I've gone through everything except the final boss rush, etc. I will probably need to grind a bit more to get more HP boosts to be extra sure, but otherwise, I am prepared and it should be done likely Wednesday.
  4. Yeah, I remember you mentioning that glitch and made a point to not save while inside the dungeons. Honestly, I pushed things too much at the end, because it was getting late and I was sort of save scumming to avoid damage from random encounters so I could see what I had ahead of me. Then I was at the boss with all 4 characters and full health, so figured I was safe to save, especially since the boss gauntlet to get to that point was no problem at all and my weapons were plenty strong for them. I was also thinking that if other people beat it in 9-12 hours and I was nearing 15, I must be a
  5. Unfortunately, I don't have a door item either and I don't think there's a way to go back down once you're in that final room. Our system is down at work, so I went through my VOD and logged the attempts. If gamefaqs is accurate, the final boss as 4820-4860 HP. The best I did was 4330, but most attempts were between 3500-3800. I have barrier with my mutant, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I also noticed that the damage dealt each try was exactly the same each time, (First round of attacks was always, 337, 275, 64, 70; second was always 330, 377, 86, 84; etc.) so the RNG is
  6. Well, I think I may have screwed myself with Final Fantasy Legend. I made it to the boss, but after several attempts, I cannot beat him, and I can't go back down to get other items, etc. My save was after entering the last door, so there's a good chance I have to start over from scratch. I caved and looked at a couple guides tonight and all of them mention the glass sword, which I don't have. I also have no healing items left. My monster has 5 attacks that do less than 100 dmg and then a bunch of spells that don't work. I do have the Masamune and a mutant with a few charges of Flare, but m
  7. Congratulations! You're one step closer to becoming a Mega Man master! This one is actually my milestone game #100, so there's a small chance I'll join you in beating it for the first time this year. If you do go for the other titles, they are supposed to be easier, right? I made more progress on FFL and got sphere #3 and a good chunk of the story done in the next chapter. I do fear I'm getting severely overmatched and the items in the shop are obscenely expensive. The next time I play, I might do a bit of grinding to get a couple of okay weapons and stock up on health stuff a bit mor
  8. I think I'm about halfway done right now, 7 hours in. For those that know the game, I'm in the clouds and might have skipped a little bit because I was exploring a town with a character I just revived and then entered a pub and got into a fight before healing them and then there were other battles and things I had to do before searching for another town and INN...frantic way to end last night. Anyway, the game isn't bad at all, but I'm RPG-averse to begin with. My frustrations have more to do with the random encounters and trying to take even one step after a battle and getting caught in ano
  9. Started Final Fantasy Legend tonight and I'm pretty sure I got through what would be considered the "prologue." No idea how much is left. I died quite a lot, though. I'll have to read through the manual again, since I basically only skimmed it before starting to make sure I know everything about leveling and items, then I'll decide if I should devote some time to grinding for cash to buy the human upgrades. I'm going to do my best to avoid any guides though. The biggest concern is the one save file system. Part of why I've died so much is that I decided to sacrifice my crew to explore farth
  10. Alright, Yogi Bear's Gold Rush is done Some of those bonus areas were hidden in devious places. It took several sets of continues to do all of the blind jumping and spike/pit death exploration needed, but I got there without a guide. Like I said before, I think that hunt for secret areas was the only reason the game was worth playing. I haven't played Barbie yet, but I imagine the any% run would be on the same difficulty level. The graphics were decent enough, except for Yogi himself. The music consisted of one repetitive song. Overall the game felt like it was phoned in. There w
  11. I'm not sure I know about that glitch? Is that the one that can corrupt the save file and cause assets to go missing? I bought this lot of GB games and in testing a cart, link was there, but nothing else was (could be wrong, my memory is shot and this was over a year ago, maybe some elements appeared but others didn't). Anyway, I think I read that it was from some speedrun manipulation glitch thing. I ended up using the cart to test my abilities at non-solder battery replacement.
  12. It could very well be. I actually haven't played either Addams Family game but I think they are tougher platformers. Yogi is a pretty lazy effort probably on par with something like Barbie in terms of challenge if not trying for the good ending. That Zelda problem sounds interesting. I'm pretty sure I remember the item the bowwow wants but not 100% and definitely don't remember where you get it. It's been forever since I've played it, but I remember the first time I tried as a kid, I softlocked that dungeon with the 4 pillars. I thought I was missing something, but nope it was some weir
  13. I'm close to beating Yogi Bear. I know where 10 of the 12 secret areas are and have a pretty good idea about the one in the last level. Second to last level will take a bit of exploring and blind jumping. I probably would have finished tonight, but our heater is broken and that made the basement area too cold to keep going (we're getting a new one tomorrow). The game is not great (you only get a jump button - B is not used) and the only bit of enjoyment is coming from hunting the secret areas. If I were using a guide or not going for best ending, it would be a quick 40-60 minute distra
  14. Congratulations! That's really impressive! I've never finished a Mega Man GB game either and only own the first one still. Recently I got a decent price on the 4 Final Fantasy games though and pretty soon, I'll be starting Final Fantasy Legend as one of my milestones, so I'm excited to see what all that is about.
  15. Well, if it's any consolation, your score crushed mine. I may have been the faster teen, but you had the higher GPA
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