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  1. 9. My second favorite console, it has lots of amazing games (just not as many as the NES). Many all-time classics here including the best Zelda, best Mario (well, Mario 3 for me on some days is better, so let's say tied for the best), and best Metroid games. Some others I would list as my favorites include Secret of Mana, of course Super Castlevania IV, Yoshi's Island, Street Fighter II Turbo, Mortal Kombat II, Turtles in Time, Super Tennis, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, Actraiser, F-Zero, and many, many more. There are also a plethora of lesser-praised games that are right up th
  2. In a word, no. I guess if I were Jeff Bezos why not, but even if I had X millions I can't imagine using that money on such a thing.
  3. 10. Fantastic and varied strategy gameplay, amazing amounts of content that seems to go on forever, fun story mode that puts you in a lot of different scenarios, wonderful graphics and music, what's not to like? Highly recommended for anyone that likes strategy games at all. Lots of fond memories playing Advance Wars games on the train or on the plane.
  4. LOL - well, if you need a disclaimer, everything I ever post that is subjective is my opinion (obviously) and yours can and does vary
  5. It's not hyperbole, actually. I do feel all those things are clearly better in Battle of Olympus. The controls are far superior to the sluggish Zelda II, the enemies are more interesting and fun to fight, you don't have the overworld with meaningless battles and instead have distinct areas to explore and find routes to new places, etc.
  6. Literally everything about Battle of Olympus is better: the way the game plays, flow, items, secrets, story, graphics, sound, everything. Well, except for the password system which is horrible and a battery would be much preferable, but everything else. I can't understand why anyone would prefer Zelda II to it, personally, other than you play as Link and try to rescue Zelda I guess.
  7. Not a fan. If you're looking for a good NES game in this style, Battle of Olympus is superior in literally every way (and one of the best games around too).
  8. 10. Simply the best. No other system has the volume of good and genuinely great games. I put around 300-400 in the U.S. library in those categories, and of course that doesn't include all the Famicom games, etc. that never made it over here. Especially noteworthy are the truly great games. Here is where most people played out-and-out classic series like Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, Contra, Zelda, and so many, many others for the first time. It's no coincidence people who got into games years or decades later know those names. So bottom line: the best library of games of any s
  9. Make sure the cart can be opened easily for storage purposes
  10. Speaking of LucasArts, X-Wing and TIE Fighter (two of the greatest PC games ever) should fit in this topic nicely.
  11. IMO it's the best 3D Mario game bar none. Probably because I don't rate the single-player 3D Mario games as highly as many people do. In terms of best overall Mario no, because the 2D ones are better.
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