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Dr wilys castle presents: How do you pronounce “xexyz”?

docile tapeworm

How do you pronounce “xexyz”?  

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  1. 1. How do you pronounce “xexyz”?

    • “Zee-zees”
    • “Zex-ees”
    • “X.e.x.y.z.”
    • Other
    • “Zer-zees”
    • “Zeck-ziz”
    • “Zee-zies”
    • “Zay-zies”
    • “Zay-zees”
    • “Zeh-zees”
    • “Zeh-zies”

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  • The title was changed to Dr wilys castle presents: How do you pronounce “xexyz”?

I've always pronounced it "ZIGH-ziks". I know it's totally wrong but it's how you pronounce Zzyzx which is a town in California.  I first heard of Zzyzx so I just went with that.

If I had to choose sound which is probably correct, I'd go with “Zee-zies” or for me I'd say “Zee-ziez”.

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