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Movies Gloves Has Actually Seen Debate #3: Dark City


See it or else I'll be sad!  

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Didn't hear about this movie when it came out, but it very quickly (at least in my questionable circles) garnered a reputation as this super cool hidden gem. Or even "the inspiration for The Matrix" which feels like a stretch (apparently they shared some sets and probably some crew). 

Every time I see it though, it really feels like a bit of a letdown compared to the hype surrounding it. It's entertaining enough, but also really goofy. It is what it is I guess? I went with "meh" because I wouldn't say I like it that much, but the truth is somewhere I between the two.

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Saw this one in the hey day, still have a VHS of it.  Originally I thought it was good but not great, but a number of repeat viewings later and picking up a few clues along the way has changed my opinion to Great.  The feel is a little bit comic-booky which is something I generally don't care much for in a movie, but its so highly stylized and that style is so phenomenal and the content so much more substantial than initially meets the eye that it has become a favorite.  The lead actor is a bit dry but that is ok, because just like Keanu Reeves/Neo he is playing the roll of "everyman" and doesn't know who he really is so it works quite well.  IIRC there is a building/set with a vertical sign reading HOTEL that is easy to remember from the Matrix... although Dark City came out first.

I see I'm not the only one on the premises who favors this one awesome season of Bruce Campbell as the Cowboy Hero...


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Really cool neo-noir dark sci fi vibe.  It shared a similar concept and themes as The Matrix.  It feels like a lot of films in the late 90s had a real nihilistic anti-establishment anti-authority streak that really resonated with people at the time.  We really haven't seen that much before or since.

Jennifer Connelly is a dream


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Meh. Big miss for me.

I SHOULD like this movie. I love sci-fi, noir, nighttime, and The Crow. The story just didn't strike me. There's little in the way of character development or personal impact for me to care about, nor are the action or acts of the plot very compelling. I understand that it's questioning the essence of individuality but it didn't do it for me. Maybe because I don't believe souls exist.

The Strangers seem like cenobites to me. Aside from the white skin, they're supposed to be scary just standing there looking imposing, and they rearrange the entire world every night just because they're a bunch of assholes. Like Hellraiser, I was bored. This conspiracy could be the basis for a great story, but this one isn't. 

Oh, and the atmospheric CGI is super dated and ugly now. 

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