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  1. D~Funk

    VGS Pets

    Thanks guys! Its been a long time coming. Stubbs was over 20. She just kept hanging in there! She had stopped eating this week so we had to take her in. Her kidneys were failing among other things so there wasn't much they could do for her.
  2. D~Funk

    VGS Pets

    RIP Stubbs. Had to have her put down today.
  3. Latest Switch games from the last couple months.
  4. Latest purchases. Picked up quite a few of my most wanted SNES CIBs including a Kevin Eastman signed Turtles IV which I'm pretty excited about!
  5. That's awesome! I didn't realize Undermine was like Wayward Souls! I put maybe half the hours into you did but really enjoyed it!
  6. Finished Eiyuden Chronicles Rising. This game was pretty wack overall. Kind of grew on me a little towards the end but i hated on it for the first half. Been really excited for Hundred Heroes being a big fan of Suikoden but i think this game was a big misstep. Will probably just hurt Hundred Heroes sales in the end if it hasn't already. I just imagine the people picking this up not knowing anything about the games & then skipping Hundred Heroes because this game is so boring. Nothing but fetch quests & retracing the same 3 areas over & over for 20 hours. Wack! Only positive thing i have to say is the environments looked aight.
  7. Borderlands 3 + all dlc done! 170 hours & 99% galaxy complete. So done with this game! Its been a slog! Game plays alright for the most part but crashes every 2 hours on average. For my sanity im stopping here. F that 1%! Low key friend code drop if anybody wants to be Switch buds!
  8. D~Funk

    VGS Pets

    Monster Musha!
  9. Fresh boxed SNES shot! Kind of on a mission to fill some gaps in this.
  10. D~Funk

    VGS Pets

    Luna got a new tower with a scoop she's quite chuffed about! Barely fits but i keep finding her there.
  11. Sea of Stars finished! Did everything but the Wheels mini game. My Sea of Stars ending was at the Golden Pelican. I won't spoil it but it was beautiful! Amazing game all around!
  12. Aight i think I've pretty much 100%ed this game now. Just did the post game stuff & finished all 181 quests. Had a bunch of the treasure map ones to finish. Completely beat the coliseum, restored every town & traversed the map 100%. Don't think theres really anything else to do unless I'm missing something.
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