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  1. Lots of excellent suggestions! For the Canadians that grew up in the 80's/90's remember The Raccoons? Very underrated cartoon!
  2. I know disappointing, I thought I could get away with leaving it to the second last day! Perhaps in a drunken fury I’ll burn through the game?
  3. The game does get a lot easier when you realize you can shoot those fans in level 1! I left this too late and have plans most of the day (involving Caesars and IPAs) so even if I do have time later it could be ugly. 62k slight improvement
  4. I was thinking I’d cruise through this having knocked it off for the contest earlier this year but after a half hour I still haven’t passed stage 1 . I seem to have retained nothing of value. I will take a closer look at it Friday or Saturday. For now I am trying to finish R-Type on the PC Engine mini.
  5. It makes sense that we’re not allowing a regular playthrough of California Games, World Games, etc when the records are there to be taken down. For consistency why do we not have this rule with championship bowling? It has a high score of 200 but we’ve never cared about that?
  6. Nice work guys. I hope to help out for at least one more clear. I was briefly giving QBert a go but couldn’t handle it’s difficulty. The isometric jumping was hard on my brain. Avoiding the enemies is very tough. Then you get into the polarity element...yikes. Mad Respect for anyone taking that beast down. @Tablew/chairs nice work! Hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to work on Kung fu heroes.
  7. You guys are actually hilarious. And too kind. I’ll be celebrating my first father’s day tomorrow so unlikely I’ll get another run in. I got super lucky on the timing on this. If I had finished off the last boss a single second later it would have been a time up Game Over. One thing I learned is that the in game time of Recca is faster than actual time . So I had to do some basic math. This was a 2 death run, one on boss 10 and one on boss 11. I hope somebody beats my score! 5.39 million
  8. Totally fair! Yeah 2 minutes isn’t long enough. It is only a 30 minute farm window so not a big deal.
  9. I just did a run to test it out. Got to level 4 and started farming and made lunch. Came back half hour later to finish the game but I didn’t do so well. Still got 4.6 million and there was 4 bosses left to go. Only issue now is it doesn’t show your time on the game over screen. I guess you could have a stipulation that a completed game is the number one priority. From there score used as a tie breaker amongst those that completed it (and hopefully a time maximum).
  10. After Mario Bros week the less farming the better in my opinion.
  11. Have these contests ever done a speed run instead of high score? Could be interesting. I still think high score (with a time limit) is more impressive but I’m fine either way. We’ll leave it up @guillavoie and @BeaIank whether any rules modifications will be in place.
  12. Well didn’t they use the score attack portion of the game for the competition? I actually don’t know that’s just what I assumed. That part is timed and wouldn’t be broken.
  13. Why would you say scoring is broken aside from that? I think the developers actually put a lot of time into the scoring. Collecting multiple items when fully powered up gives you 10,000 so the game rewards you for not dying. Definitely should stay high score and not fastest win I think. I wouldn’t be opposed to limiting it to 30 minutes (which is more than enough time to finish the game). If it stays 60 as is that’s fine it won’t affect things too much. You’ll just have to energy ball farm for 30 minutes or so every game if you want to go for top score. Which takes the enjoyment down for me pe
  14. Haha I did.You get 60 minutes to beat the game but it only takes about 22-25 minutes. So you could still farm energy ball for points for 35 minutes which is pretty boring. Should we cap the time limit on the game at 30 minutes to prevent this unnecessary farming?
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