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  1. Yeah, their whole era when Toumas was emulating Stratovarious was epic! I went to their 2nd concert ever in north america back in the day and Jens Johansson from Strat was there and did a guest appearance on keyboards.. it was awesome
  2. Lately I've been enjoying some Perturbator .. Generally his style is considered 'Dark Synthwave' or 'Darkwave' or just 'Dark Synth' Lots of brooding synth and hard drum hits .. Good stuff to listen to when working out
  3. Hahah.. wow take me back to junior high.. lol .. I used to love that stuff back then .. Dre and Snoop were at the top of their game back then . .I think that's when I started to listen to Cypress Hill
  4. Oh snap -- I just found out that Marko has now also left Nightwish .. so their original drummer Jukka, their original singer, and now their 2nd bassist are all gone... just leaves Emmpu and Toumas as the original members still there http://www.metalstorm.net/events/news_comments.php?news_id=40726 Glad I got to see them perform a couple times when they had the original lineup at least.. ah well.. I guess it's just as well that I haven't been a fan of the musical direction of the band in a while, so ... eh
  5. Maybe this will help? https://www.forbes.com/advisor/investing/what-is-cryptocurrency/
  6. Oho.,.. so you CAN actually buy some crypto thru paypall? It didn't sound like you could actually purchase crypto from them, but only store/send it, when I looked
  7. I've been reading up on Crypto a bit lately .. Trying to figure out the best way to start investing I definitely want both a cold wallet and a hot one, but I haven't decided on which to get. I was looking thru this link https://cryptonews.com/guides/how-to-store-cryptocurrency-safely.htm I think I'd prefer a wallet I can store locally on my PC, rather than a hot wallet online like coinbase, however it doesn't seem like a lot of those wallets actually have an exchange built into them so you can't actually buy from there .. and the ones that do are pretty limited in which c
  8. I hear ya .. I've always been leery of messing with CRTs even unpowered .. a buddy of mine got zapped back in high school shop class from one of those things .. not fun (he was okay though)
  9. I have zero interest these days in competitive moba's/online multiplayer games that I used to play a lot of back in college Also, mobile games.. They're super popular globally and make a ton of money, but I couldn't be less interested in them
  10. Which one are you playing? I loved Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood a lot
  11. I'm honestly not sure you can can *buy* it from Paypal, but I know you can *definitely* store bitcoin in a paypal wallet now (i.e. send/receive)
  12. I'm considering putting some money into Crypto, but still need to read up a bunch about it .. I haven't yet found a good hot wallet with an exchange connection built in that I could run on my desktop
  13. doesn't the original Xbox have some dangerous caps or something that ruin the system if left unfixed? (or was that just a barrel-style battery?)
  14. Yeah, I have zero room in my Game Room for any of these right now.. i'd have to sell off some stuff first (which i'm generally bad at doing) If I only had room for one, and I had to choose, I'd really love to get the Street Fighter Legacy cab .. I think the full list of games for that is: Street Fighter™, Street Fighter II: World Warrior™, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition™, Street Fighter II: Turbo™, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers™, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo™, Darkstalkers™, Strider™, Commando™, Final Fight™, Ghost n Goblins™, and 1944™
  15. ah.. well, I think his Sword of Truth series was utterly fantastic (albeit Naked Emprie was a bit of throw away title for me)
  16. Nice selection of fantasy novels! (Though I see a striking lack of Terry Goodkind's work)
  17. Got a link so we can follow your progress?
  18. So CES 2021 is going on and they showed off some new 'Legacy' cabs ... @Teh_Lurv linked them to me earlier He pointed out that it looks like they're doing more varied cabinet designs now with the new releases... The Legacy models will have closer to like ~ 10 games installed vs the usual 3-5 Also, they linked some awesome fighting games More here: https://arcade1up.com/collections/cabinets
  19. nice! I love the music in that game.. the humor is good too .. .Never did get very far in it though .. I apparently just suck at platformers these days I guess?
  20. Well from Wikipedia ... I guess you'd have to see if any of these names matched in kana/kanji Director(s) Satoshi Kushibuchi Producer(s) Koji Igarashi Programmer(s) Shutaro Iida Writer(s) Koji Igarashi Hiroto Yamaguchi Shutaro Iida Composer(s) Michiru Yamane Yuzo Koshiro from my very very limited hiragana knowledge.,. I don't see any matches there
  21. someday maybe i'll actually finish stuff in Skyrim.. i basically wandered around aimlessly for hours and then got killed by random things
  22. Ah hey, thanks! Added you to my multi-tap :)
  23. FamiStudio just got a new release it looks like https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/01/nes-style-free-chiptune-music-maker-famistudio-has-a-new-release-up Looks pretty slick.. I just installed Ubuntu Studio on my laptop .. Have to see if this is on there as well
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