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Name That Dag


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Thats not a spelling error. 

Anyway, I'm getting my first pet! I live with my partner and her dog, but never had my own. Someone has a few American Bully pups and I'm picking one up on Wednesday. He just needs a name. 

Heres the rules. My gf is very picky so it works like this. I pick 5 names by Wednesday afternoon, and she picks the final name for him. 

I have 4 names:

Dart. Excel. Bullseye and Ruckus. I'm asking social media for the 5th. What should this fur babies name be?


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Sherman (play on Mr. Peabody and Sherman).

(This is a truncated version - in the complete one Mr. Peabody had to go to court - he won with the scintillating logic that if a boy could have a dog there was no reason a dog couldn't have a boy....)

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