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Hello everyone! Glad to be here! I'm a woodworker that makes video game related stuffs!

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   I'm a woodworker that happens to also be a retro gaming enthusiast. I plan on designing and building various sizes, styles and colors of cartridge display racks, storage for consoles, game room decor, etc. made out of wood that are nice, sanded, stained, with good, practical design. They will probably be a little more expensive than the plastic offerings (in the same ballpark though), but I think the quality and workmanship will justify the slightly higher price. I hope to have some pics on here soon.

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   Oh, I'll have so many pics on here that you'll be telling me to shut up already. 🤣  @darkchylde28 has already seen some pics of a display rack prototype that was made before I had the proper tools, jigs, setup, etc. My first product will be for GB, GB Color, GBA, and Sega GG size carts. I'll get everything ironed out, make new product, get proper pics, etc., then I can post some pics here for you guys, I promise.

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Outside of video games, woodworking and automobile repair are my other two favorite hobbies.  I've been considering starting a thread in the "Everything Else" forum about woodworking to gauge interest from others.  I've been wondering if there are enough woodworkers among our group to get a good discussion going.  Nice to know there is at least one more.

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