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  1. I'm in the boat of rare relative to related items. That's really what drives pricing in consideration with popularity.
  2. I have videogameboxprotectors and while I like them, I'm starting to ponder the absurdity of using these for modern games. I've been considering taking them off to get more shelf space. It makes sense for my genesis games because dusting is a pain. Same with sega cd because of how fragile the cases are. Originally I considered that I wanted to prevent scratching of the cases when pulling them in and out of the shelf, but I hardly ever pull them out. Most of the time, I play a digital copy on game pass or one game at a time. Not like when I was a kid, swapping 10 games a day to stay en
  3. Are you the one other guy I keep getting into bidding wars on eBay with?
  4. Great news that they are reversing course. I'm sure they'll find a half measure to "preserve" ps3 before they dump the store again. Whatever that is, it'll be better then what they were going to do, so I'll take it.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been browsing the site for a bit and enjoying the conversation. I've been bouncing between sega cd, original xbox, and modern collecting for a bit. Looking forward to contributing where I can.
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