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Most Attractive Video Game Characters?


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Got into a discussion with someone about this recently 馃檪

So, who do you personally find physically/sexually (sapiosexual, etc) "attractive" and why?聽

Let's face it, like Hollywood, video games know how to sell sex! Perhaps not surprisingly, if you look聽 up "attractive video game characters" you get many results similar to "sexiest female video game characters" - but of course, there just as many聽attractive male characters - I do really hope we can be non-judgmental聽about this!聽

I have to admit "back in the day" I was a fan of Lara Croft - well, back when Lara was more...pixilated! Lara was always depicted as being sexually alluring (although I did think the game designers could have toned her breasts down a bit - a point which a gal I dated made at least once or twice :)

But honestly, what appealed was that she was just totally kick-ass! Independent, enigmatic, rich and powerful, not afraid of anything... the current rendition of Lara is certainly strong and capable, but in my opinion (and I played all the three games since the reboot) not nearly as confident, independent, and sure of herself as the original version. Thus, I have to say the original Lara is still the most attractive Tomb Raider character on most levels.聽

Your turn!


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