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  1. This is a good point, for cardboard games. Saying an open box is a 10, as in its the same condition as a completely unopened copy of the same game, wouldn't make sense. It would have to be a clamshell or jewelcase I would think.
  2. Some people are just damaged. There's no other way to describe. Not to make this about me, but I still think of this one person back in the day, who was so dead to rights lying but no matter what I did to give them an out, they wouldn't take it. They wanted to trade one of my VGA games for one of theirs. The problem is, the game he claimed to have didnt exist (per VGA). He says he did have it, and that he would take pics of it. Then that night, his friend "got mad" that he would sell it and "took the game back" so he couldnt take pics. Then it spiraled into more mad
  3. That's quite the pixel between his legs.
  4. Yes they do. It's covered under light cleaning. You should inquire about what you want them to specifically do before sending.
  5. This is where I make you feel bad. Three of these have been sold in the last 18 months because the seller doesnt list the titles very well. I think they've finally run out though. In general, I find promo copies to be infinitely more common than mint, retail versions of the same game, because noone cares about them but resellers. 9 out of 10 times, ever copy of Capcom Vs SNK Pro for PS1 you see will be a promo copy, you almost never see a retail version, because everyone bought the retail version and left these garbo copies behind.
  6. 1. I dont believe Wata counts bar code punch outs as damage, which I also don't believe in. People can spin the word "promo" copy all they want, they are maimed copies given to any moron who claims to be a reviewer, or reseller, or whatever, specifically designed to be strikingly unsellable. Not exactly a collector piece. 2. 9/11 Syphon was a retail game that was pulled at the zro hour, making legit copies infinitely more rare than the dolled out ones as described above.
  7. Yeah, like someone jizzed and put my game on top of it.
  8. I just sent a game to be recassed because the inner lining had a big smudge on the left. It originally looked like big scuffs on the game but it was an 9.8 A++ so didnt make sense. As teh game moved slowly in the case, I could see the smudge was some kind of residue that was independent of the game, but also scraping off as the game touched it. TLDR: FN Gross. So I sent it to be recassed and soft cleaned if necessary. Of interest about the liners and how easily they scratch in general, Wata replied to me with this:
  9. The one without is first print. I bought it at release.
  10. Oh for sure, I guess my thesis is I thought people knew it was ding this haha.
  11. Im assuming it's factoring in some predictor? I noticed something similar in collection tracker. You can add a game as new and its value is X. You add as VGA graded and it's now X + some even if there are no sales, as in it anticipates it will go for more if graded? Maybe some kinda extrapolation logic being used on CIB as well if complete.
  12. VGA Pros: Can fabricate any sized case, and thus, can grade any game or system or item. Have been in business for 10+ years in gaming, and longer in Toy Grading, in which AFA is a virtual monopoly. They're going nowhere as a business. Their cases for horizontal games in particular, are superior looking. Typically stick to their specified turnaround times, sans for the occasional backup. VGA games will always be in demand as even Wata collectors will try to snatch them up to one day try and convert, so there will never not be a market for VGA. They will answer questions within 24 to 48 hou
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