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Cheers from the North

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Hey, I'm Rage from Canada. Close to my 30s. Video games were a pillar in my life growing up and still are due to the nostalgia it brings. I wouldn't say I'm in any way any sort of expert as I am slowly learning on my own about this hobby. Hence, decided to start building my library and collecting to preserve, play and maybe past it on to future generations due to my appreciation for it. I play rather than storing games for display which I think is my favorite part. Discovering a game that I've never played before that I end up really enjoying or replaying a game drastically differnet then I did as a kid. (Ex. Star Fox, I didn't even know there where a "expert" path till I recently played it again.) Im collecting for N64 and Sega Genesis with a focus right now on N64 full NTSC + 4 PAL exclusives (loose or CIB/no preference) set. Been actively collecting for a year, solo journey without much involvement with any community online till now. Getting to the part of the collecting where I could use some help, as in tips/tricks, trades, sells or advice. Been lurking for a while already. Thanks!  

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