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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. The owner is joining soon and will probs have more questions lol.
  2. Thank you for response. It is also missing the cart tray as i believe this came with one built in
  3. Hello! A good friend won a Mario Party 3 recently. Several of us have noticed small differences when comparing it to another legitimate box. (pics provide) - Color is slightly different and text on back too. Its not off in a way repro usually is. - Color isn't full off, slightly "paler". very faint but noticed, especially back red strip. - Major thing is it doesn't have built in tray like all the others. - feel and touch is authentic I'm thinking its a repro (very good one) due to the things mentioned about but others (deemed to be quite knowledgeable) claim it is legit and a rare "variant". I was possibly thinking misprint or error but a double whammy without a tray just makes it harder to believe. Any thoughts would be appreciated. If more pics are needed, please let me know and I can provide. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am wondering if there is any sort of database regarding store signs, game promos, game standees and such? I purchased a lot of display signs and boxes but can't find any info regarding any of them. For instance, I have a big Gex 64 standee that I thought would be common but can't find info on that one either. Looking for info more than just value on these items but scarce info. Thanks! No pics at the moment as the lot was pretty rough and currently working in them.
  5. Rage780


    still available?
  6. Not a game but so far the most i spent in my collecting on one item is 400 CDN on a sega kiosk
  7. Been waiting for this opportunity to own a vintage kiosk for years since I started my retro journey. Needs a couple days of tender love. Can't wait to show the restoration process, hopefully done by winter!
  8. I was amazed by the 5 minute movie intro. I haven't seen the a game do that growing up. I was imagining how even more mind blowing the N64 for would've been for me if Hybrid Heaven was my first game with it. I've played some Quest64, I find it repetitive hence why I haven't finished yet. Thanks for the suggestion on the game. I will start looking for it! Im looking forward to the blend of genre in CV
  9. Thank you. From Edmonton, I guess Calgary or Fort Mac would be more appropriate but I was thinking of the Oilers hahaha
  10. Games are too longed/dragged out and too open nowadays. I miss short 5 hour linear campaigns. Time based missions Games with too many collectibles
  11. Testing out games from an N64 lot and put in Hybrid Heaven. Haven't be able to test anything since hah. Surprised tbh. Been discovering Konami for N64 been enjoying their work. Cant wait to find the castlevanias
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