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Non-trivia games that have quiz questions as part of the gameplay


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Off the top of my head:

Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Wonder Boy in Monster World
Monster World IV
Stray Sheep (Japan exclusive PS1 game)

Thought of a couple more edit:

Study Hall (NES Homebrew)
Alex Kidd High Tech World

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Leisure Suit Larry 1 and 3 had age verification quizzes to prove you were old enough to play the game.

For 3, the more answers you got right, the more skimpy the girl's bathing suit would get to indicate the level of gameplay you would experience.  More right answers equaled more raunch and nudity throughout the game.


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The Persona games (or at least 3 and 4) have random trivia questions during the school sim portion of the game.

In Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 you could answer questions about certain aspects of the game for bonuses. I can't remember if it was alreay present in the first game, though.

Magic the Gathering Shandalar also has you answering questions about cards in the game.

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Mega Man Legends 2.  I would imagine there's one in Legends 1 as well, but it's been a while since I've played it.  And not really trivia, but I'm playing thru Mischief Makers at the moment and there's a sort of Olympic games portion where, among other things, you have to solve math problems.

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In MegaMan Legends 2 there are a few ten question quizzes as well as the Mayor's Ultimate Quiz which is 100 questions!!  The thing is though, to win the Zetsabre (I think that's the name), which is one of two parts needed to make the Zero Sabre special weapon, you must answer ALL 100 questions right.  If you make even ONE mistake, you have to start all over!  Even using the cheat sheet at GameFAQs you must be careful and not accidentally press the wrong button.  And one of the Mayor's assistants was obviously used for making Yai for the MegaMan Battle Network series.

Interestingly, the quiz covers many subjects...but has only ONE question about the Legends games themselves!  And some history/poli-sci major I was back in the day...I never even heard of this term (or "glasnost") until I saw it in the Legends 2 quiz!  I must say though i've come a very long way in my history/trivia knowledge since then! 🙂

"The Soviet leader who made "perestroika" his slogan was?"

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