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Ok, Xenosaga III. Any clue why it's sky rocketed in price?


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I've been collecting since 2016 and I get it, prices move.  I also understand that COVID has also caused a huge spike in buying and purchasing but today I checked in on a few of my games on my collection tracker because I'm wanting to sell.  Anyway, I sorted the list buy price and I was surprised to see my copy of Xenosaga so close to the top.  It's going for over $200 and, in fact, some copies have gone for over $300.

This isn't even the holographic cover.  In fact, when I went to GVN and sorted the PS2 list, I was surprised to see that this is the 7th most expensive (non-special edition) title in the whole collection?!

What?  I mean, this game was more rare than the first two Xenosaga titles but it's not really rare, and since I've followed along with the holo-cover one from time to time, it doesn't surprise that that variant is going up.  However, Xenosaga III seems to have recently shot up a bit more disproportional to other titles.

Did a YouTuber post a video or something?  That often causes a spike.  Anyway, this thing stayed in the $70-80 range for a long while and now, boom, 3x increase since May, but the disc-only value hasn't gone up much at all. I'm confused?

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All import-exclusive JRPGs are gonna skyrocket in price at one point or another. It's no surprise.

Everyone who wants the game will have to get a copy from either Japan or the US, and if you don't understand Japanese you really don't have a choice. So that makes this particular release a coveted one.

I'm surprised Baten Kaitos Origins or Arc Rise Fantasia haven't reached this point yet. It's only a question of time before some YouTube bloke makes a video and all the kids are gonna go nuts for them.

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This is one that you could kind of see coming TBH and was always pricey. Before covid it was routinely getting $80-90. It's not incredibly rare, but it's uncommon enough and part of a series that has enough demand you can see people spending stupid money on it. Way more are listed for sale right now than usual with people wanting to cash in.

$300 is an outlier. You can get a CIB Mint copy for $190 shipped on ebay right now. There are going to be stupid prices here and there, it's just the nature of COVID right now. It's a perfect storm of components creating a completely insane boost in purchases/price. 

That graded copy that sold was back in april. 3+ months can make a big difference. I bought all 3 xenosaga games graded 85+ and 90 from a member here for like $400 5 months ago. I could probably easily get that for just the xenosaga iii right now, maybe more to the right buyer. 

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