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  1. You want to be using the Clear View. It's the one most people use and has the large font on the front of the box; Edit: Jim Jimmer beat me to it, sorry for the redundancy...
  2. It's a re-seal for sure but not what you think. I bought a lot of these PS2 re-seals years ago, on different titles. Basically what it is, some distributors intentionally opened the cases and inserted the security label, then resealed and sold them in bulk. There are whole-sale stock of these available on other titles. I still have a Contra - Shattered Soldier with the same re-seal and sticker. Doesn't take away from the fact that it's an opened copy, or that it's extremely less desirable than the original. I had to buy a second copy of Contra, because the store I bought it from didn't di
  3. Honestly, it's always been this way with games (i.e. condition is paramount), just that it was a small set of collectors in the hobby at the time. A bit of a throwback, sealed game collecting really took off around 2005, back then there were some major players in the market gobbling the absolute best condition copy of iconic games for every platform. The problem is, back then no one except those collectors cared, but the premium was always there and bidding wars were waged. At the time for record prices, though nowadays would be considered dirt cheap. This was mainly for NES and Atar
  4. I really understand this, and my comment is not a slight on the game itself. I love Final Fantasy (up until XIII), and I've played/completed pretty much every entry in the series (including the spinoffs like Tactics and Dirge of Cerberus) and when I have to compare the first game to later entries, I'm doing so in the context of the entirety of the series. The game itself (not including the manual), to me felt like it had a thin story, relative to say FF6 or 7 or 8. When I say "it had no story" it is an embellishment, I know the game is telling a story, it is where the story of the crystals ori
  5. Yes? I was the kid who wouldn't touch the cart/disk until I familiarized myself with and read the entire manual...
  6. "Antiquated" is exactly the word I would have used and couldn't agree more. I really see the merit in both arguments and in practicality both are true, one is just a sub-form of the other. PS1 games are certainly 'retro', they are outdated by many generations past them. Atari/colleco/even nes are outdated by many more generations even before the former. So in reality, there needs to be a marker for the terminology being used to indicate the extent by which something is defined as 'retro'. So as you described, "antiquated retro" or as I would rather put it "Classical retro".
  7. The SE will allow you to work on hospitals and schools, basically anything that is considered 'Risk Category IV' under ASCE7. In some states, a PE isn't sufficient to be able to stamp structural dwgs. and you need to upgrade to SE. It's weird because, for some reason, the government doesn't put the same restriction on bridges as they do on some other government buildings, and Bridge Design is no small task, particularly when you got to long-span or suspended bridges (not just overpass/underpass). Some states also require you to have a PE in order to even attempt the SE, and other states d
  8. Architectural Engineering is actually a new branch of Engineering (relatively). Architecture is a separate degree entirely. It's sort of a mix between architecture and Civil Engineering, and mostly deals with building science, and building envelope design. The industry I currently work for actually employs a lot of Architectural Engineers. I think of it as sort of another niche specialized field because you can hire civil engineers or architects to do the same work, but they wouldn't be as efficient doing it.
  9. I'm a P.Eng. (structural), and believe me I know the pain of the grueling 16 hr. FE and PE exams. I was supposed to take it after graduation, but at the time wasn't worth the effort. I'm thinking of taking the SE in the next year or 2, and from what I hear it makes the PE seem like a cakewalk. It's 2 sessions of 8hr exams, and passing rate I believe is 36%...fun! By the way, what discipline?
  10. In the purest sense of the term 'role playing', I think I would agree with you. Most western RPGs or computer RPGs would fall under this category. I don't know, when I think of JRPGs, it often seems like a completely different genre to me. Think more anime mixed with philosophy and themes relating to life/death and/or existentialism. Throw in a strategic battle system to test your wits and intelligence and you have a winning formula. That's mostly what draws me into JRPGs. I love movies and books that tell a good story, but I also like gameplay. I can get more fun out of a 1 hr turn-base
  11. That's really neat Fenrir, I think I would have enjoyed an event like that.
  12. I really think many of you are missing the point. you can have a story centered around 'you' the player, and you can name your characters any name - if I'm not mistaken I believe every FF allows to you name your own characters. That in itself does not detract from a well written story. But if every character in your party is generic "X" class, with no background information, no distinction between other characters and in fact is a clone copy of every other member, no history or explanation other than "you have been chosen by the crystals" without answering the how, when, why then as a narrativ
  13. Mine was named Jimmy the white mage - he hailed from...I forget, but he was one of 4 heroes chosen by the crystals to fight evil and restore balance to the world. At least that part we have in common.
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