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Is your favourite console your most valuable one?

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Or perhaps it's the one you chose as an investment? Or the one that you have become super interested in these days?

Just curious how people tend to spend their money with the hobby.

Mine is, because I consider the MVS an arcade board rather than a console. Due to this, the SNES wins the consoles and is my sweet sweet jam.

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There is only one game keeping me from going for a full set for a particular console and that's Magical Chase for the TG16.  I want a CIC set and that top shelf title is just soooo expensive.  I would ignore it but it actually looks like a fund game I'd want to play.  That would make the TG16 my most expensive system, but considering that titles value, it's pushed my collecting for the system to a very low priority.

But, my most expensive collection today is my Game Boy set, especially since I started going for cartridge label variants.  It's hard to say if it's my favorite.  It might be but I also love the PS1, which is a close second in value at the moment. Most of the expensive stuff for PS1 that I own, I want to unload, so that's going to change.  My answer is a bit dynamic, I guess.

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How much am I allowed to stretch the word console? 😛  Neo Geo had the AES but I have the arcade cabinet.  And no, it's not my favorite but it would be the most expensive.  After that, not doing word play, would be the SNES which was only $200 and I still think it would be the most favorite still.

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