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Energy drinks.


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@Richardhead made me drink an energy drink tonight. I haven't had caffeine since January. And I don't fuck with energy drinks In general because of an incident a few years back. So not only am I gonna be bouncing off the walls causing mischief all night now. I'm already getting jittery, and headache. And maybe even talking too fast.2 hours left of the shift! 

So.... What is your go-to "gamer fuel"? 


For me Gatorade zero gets me through my longer days. Preferably the lemon - lime. It tastes just like regular yellow Gatorade but without the sugar and calories. It's fantastic.

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Coffee w/ Cream & Sugar

Tea w/ Milk & Honey

Seltzer w/ Citrus or Berries

Ice Water

Those are my go to drinks while gaming. Energy drinks are disgusting and should only be enjoyed in Vodka...and the only drink of choice should be Red Bull...maybe hold the Red Bull and just drink the vodka though.

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3 minutes ago, Vaosu said:

I've drank flavored sparkling water before, but never once seltzer. Is it basically the same thing minus the flavor?

I wouldn’t call seltzer “flavorless” since the brand I drink is extremely bubbly and those bubbles give it some kind of taste.

But, essentially yes. Seltzer is just magic bubble water.

Just don’t drink fancy “sparkling mineral water” like Perrier. To me they taste like metal.

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On a near daily basis, I will have at least one these: Java Monster - Irish Blend, Java Monster - Kona Blend, and Blue Mr Dew Game Fuel. You should have seen how much shit I drank when I worked at Pepsi and our "Rework Department" (work loose cans into plastic shells to sell at a reduced cost) was how we stocked our cooler in the break room.



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I've probably drank some form of caffeine, almost always soda, probably every week since I was in my teens. I've more or less kicked soda but lately caffeine in general. For the last few months I've been drinking nothing but plain green tea and water. I stayed up late one night to finish a project and had a cup of coffee and it wrecked me. I was all jittery and it felt awful. And just a few months ago I had been drinking a few cups a day without feeling anything. Mostly I'm just surprised how much more awake I feel drinking mostly water.

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Diet Dr. Pepper or Sierra Mist these days. Used to be just Mt. Dew and chugging as many as possible. But the HFCS in them was really messing with me health wise.

And I just heard from my G.I. doctor that I need to drop the soda completely. I can't just do diet or sugar sodas anymore. I'll probably cut the SM out and keep drinking diet until I can ease my way off of it...going to be hard since I get migraines a lot and that's my only source of caffeine.

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