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What did you pick up on Black Friday?


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This Black Friday seemed pretty tame when it came to Switch games. What did y’all end up getting? Are any really good deals you found still ongoing?

On Amazon I got:
Pocky and Rocky Switch for $10
Sonic Origins $20
Super Bomberman R2 $20

Best Buy:
Mario Rabbids sparks of Hope $15

Got ‘some stuff’ from Strictly Limited for 20% off


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I got a N64 exp (ram) pack for $36, and Sega Arcade Gallery for $24 at a local shop that did a generous(hah) 20% off sale they do just once a year.  Online, nothing, saw nothing of value, and needed no more Switch games at this time given I'm barely able to juggle the 2 Mario titles from this month.

I did get a few 50% off blu ray/dvds because of a half price books sale too.  Police Squad! DVD for $3.75 also same price Afro Samurai DVD, and blu ray Eden of the East for $12.50,

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Editorials Team · Posted

Sonic Origins Plus for $20 to give to the boys for a later present
Super Bomberman R 2 for $20 to give to the boys for a later present
Raystorm x Raycrisis for $30
Dredge for $30
Cotton 2-Pack for $30
Dead Cells Castlevania for $20

God of War Ragnarok for $40
Sniper Elite 5 for $30
A Plague Tale for $20

I also got Final Fantasy XVI as a gift

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Audible had a sale that was $6/mo for 4 months, plus you get $20 credit. Audible sales are the only BF sales that feel way better than normal sales for what I consume now. Last year every single book was on sale and I bought like 75 cheap books.

I picked up a couple Steam games, but it isn't like 2010 where I feel like a kid in a candy store and everything is 75% off.

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Did all my Christmas shopping in one go.

Terrible mistake, because now I missed out on "the shopping season" and my wife said "we haven't even shopped yet"

....so basically I spent an extra $2500 this year for Christmas, since she's gonna do her own thing.


Credit card debt here we come. I'm a dumbass for thinking I could save money this year.

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Graphics Team · Posted
9 hours ago, DefaultGen said:

growing up sucks to be an adult GIF by Shameless

I do my "adulting" in small doses. This month I bought shoes and scheduled a trip to the dentist - so that wore me out for at least the remainder of 2023.
Gotta save all my remaining "responsibility" energy for taxes and renewing my driver's license in the spring...


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They don't make stuff like they used to. I've had my Stealth 700's for almost 3 years, but the volume knobs have been acting up for the last year or so. Jumped on this as it was and still is $120. The color combination looks nicer in the pics than it does in person. Thinking of just exchanging them for the plain black headset. 


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I kept it to local game stores this year except for Spider-Man 2 for PS5 i got off QVC for $20 off. 2 genesis games and some stuff for my secret Santa which i happened upon. Got Kirby return to dreamland for switch and assassins creed mirage at GameStop but in person not online. Pretty tame year but I’m also to the point in my retro collecting where I’m not buying much anymore. 

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