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  1. If it really bugs you, sell it and put the money towards an intact original box
  2. I don’t like sandbox or online games in general
  3. This is the game Jack Nicklaus Golf. The board says both Nintendo and Konami, I don’t see it written with UNROM anywhere, Konami usually labeled their boards differently. Notice the PRG ROM chip, it only says Konami, not Nintendo. The parts number is exactly like the numbers Konami uses on their self-manufactured Famicom carts. someone above speculated Konami recycled Famicom rom chips for nes games and got Nintendo’s permission to make their own NES boards. That’s possible, but there are lots of Konami games that would have needed translation and localization, they also made qui
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine for NES is in most ways very similar to the SNES and Genesis versions with various mini games and story read-alongs, no voiceover though. One thing I find very interesting is you get three different stories in the NES version, but only two in the SNES and Genesis versions. The graphics are a bit ugly in places on the NES but the music is stunningly phenomenal. It makes me wonder who composed the music for the NES prototype. Sure, it may be a game for kids, but I like it a lot, the pipedream-style track builder mini-game is a lot of fun just seeing how many track pie
  5. Does your NTSC list include Rabbids Go Home and Rabbids Travel in Time for Wii? Thing is there's "Rabbids Party Collection" and that title doesn't actually contain Rayman
  6. The section of the board with eaten traces isn't near any capacitors, it's by the card slot. The affected area took out some traces between the HuC6270 and HuC6280 chips. Something could have dripped in through the card slot. My point still stands though, Duo-Rs aren't immune to failure.
  7. I currently have a Duo-R system that isn't working, can't load cards or the internal CD BIOS. The board had some damaged traces from some sort of liquid damage, could potentially have a bad chip I'm not aware of. Everyone says the Duo-R and RX are highly desirable and always work, but they can be broken and non-functioning like any other PC Engine or TG16 system. There's YouTube videos about TG16 and SuperGrafx systems with cracked boards, cutting through dozens of traces.
  8. Let’s see a loose earthbound SNES cart for $230 USD. and this isn’t a game but I paid $845 USD for a 64DD console, included was an N64 console, power adapter, genuine S-Video cable and genuine expansion pak.
  9. I purchased the digital version off Vimeo and finished watching it. As a big fan of Earth Bound for NES, I really enjoyed it. All the interviews were fantastic, especially Phil Sandhop, he is evidently a very spirited guy, the script in the game reflects that. I'm surprised so many people involved with the various prototype cartridges were found. It makes me happy to see so many people who love specifically the unreleased NES game, not just the SNES sequel or the series as a whole. I've never agreed with the 20+ year consensus that this game is bad, anachronistic feeling and extremely har
  10. The cracked yellow gear looks a lot like the "middle gear" used in the PC Engine CD-ROM2 system. https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Seller-PC-Engine-CD-Rom-Middle-Gear-CDROM2-Turbografx-16-US-SELLER-IN-CT/124335729285?hash=item1cf2fcaa85:g:pTUAAOSwjDZYeR6l
  11. The puzzles are all classic. This is a bit of a spoiler but I love how Guybrush forgets his whole crew, you never hear from them again until the sequels. I also enjoy playing secret of monkey island on my custom AMD K6-2 desktop PC running DOS 6.22. Yes I have to disable the L2 CPU cache to get the speed down to a suitable level for dos. I have a Sound Blaster 16 ISA card and a real Roland MT-32 to use with it. There’s nothing quite like a real hardware dos setup. the iPads, Wii’s and other newer devices are for when I’m not at home.
  12. 10/10 one of my all time most favourite DOS games. I love it so much, I keep a jail broken iPad with me so I can run ScummVM to play Monkey Island.
  13. Considering Japan Post isn't shipping to USA currently, good luck getting a Core Grafx for that little.
  14. On the NES, the regular sound from the 2A03 CPU will still work, but you won't hear any expansion audio if it's not routed through the cartridge slot somehow. Some games will sound really empty, but it's less noticeable with Gimmick as the 2A03 does the heavy lifting in that game. Honestly the unreleased USA prototype sounds fine, it would be way less headache to just use that version.
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