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AV Club interview from 2006

I remember hearing about the new movies he wanted to make. Damn shame those didn't happen. At least we got the 2016 xmas special. I guess he got the cancer diagnosis shortly thereafter (6 years ago, per his note to fans published posthumously).

1 hour ago, BlackVega said:

I don't understand anything logically here completely or there is some reference I don't get. Who is this thread dedicated to? So someone initially says Michael Jackson is dead but it turns out this is about Osama Bin Laden because someone else says so? WTF??

He's an actor. Before your time. There was a character on his kids' show named Chairry, shown in the OP, literally a chair that could talk. So OP decided to ping a friend Table w/ chairs user name. It's just a joke, there are no secret terrorists on the forum. That we know of. Ginger Squirrely Dan GIF by Crave

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