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  1. I would say 2010 but it wasn’t too serious I just would beat a game and cross it off the list. Eventually I started recording the finish dates, using a spreadsheet and then at some point about 2012 getting pictures of the ending screen. There’s lots of snes and ps1 rpgs I‘d like to play but I don’t think I’ll be finishing the nes games anytime too soon.
  2. What’s the win condition you use for silent service? There’s no straightforward end right I’m pretty sure that’s why I’ve skipped over it for so long
  3. I generally enjoy the rpgs once I buckle down and start them usually day 1 entails finding the motivation to actually put the game in the system
  4. Oh should be mutant virus, I almost have the list memorized. I never played Metroid as a kid so there was no urge to play it earlier and now it’s basically just there so I don’t end up with all strategy and rpgs games, Ill probably use a walkthrough thou. Not sure what I’ll do with miracle I’ve hooked it up to make sure the keyboard worked but I need to investigate how much of a “game” it is.
  5. arkanoid, bard's tale, ikari 1-2-3, top gun 2, shingen, silent service, last starfighter, l'empereur, robowarrior, metroid, might and magic, star voyager, snake's revenge, metroid, pool of radiance, conflict, miracle and one i'm saving for the end if i get there surprisingly for all the lengthy or difficult games I thought that I went out of my way to complete early just about everything left I'm dreading playing but I'm sure I'll enjoy something
  6. AHOY! I've finished Pirates!- this game and uncharted waters are very similar. For me pirates was harder to get into but after reading about the scoring conditions it's much easier to complete than uncharted waters. Having the 8 different save slots makes it less stressful because you can always go back to an old save if something doesn't work out. On a personal note I'm now 20 games from completing the nes library.
  7. have you tried playing with a left bros version? i heard you get an extra 100,000... oh wait I’m confusing score with sales price
  8. Solar Jetman This one is on my list of worst nes games, i understand the idea is that the ship is difficult to control but having to thrust using select+B but then also having to use the control pad to steer makes no sense because i only have two thumbs. The instant you let go of select to touch the control pad the planet gravity starts pulling differently because you're now only holding B which is just the regular engine. Basically most times you try to change direction you go smashing into a wall or crashing into the planet surface. Also if you want to put your shields on you p
  9. My work for this weekend: Wizardry Knight of Diamonds after searching for about 2 years i was finally able to buy the strategy guide off ebay a few months ago and it made playing the game so much more enjoyable not having to constantly scroll through a gamefaqs to find the info i wanted also i found this game much less frustrating than the mad overlord
  10. Finished Romance of the three kingdoms II i had beaten the first one about ten years ago i know i liked it but don't remember it too well this one enjoyable also
  11. @Daniel_Doyce i did championship pool last month the advice I would give is to just really take your time on each and every shot, you really have to get creative against some of the later opponents. Basically check all the different power levels with all the different amounts of spin. I would routinely spend ten plus minutes on a single shot to figure out my best option. Another thing that tricked me was the ghost ball only ricochets like twice so sometimes it looks like it disappears into the pocket but really it’s grazing the cushion and missing.
  12. Hey @Mae247 don’t feel unwelcome just consider that scary puts a lot of time into managing this thread and he does an excellent job keeping track of the different stats it’s also nice that he keeps it accessible by not requiring pictures but you gotta realize how it comes off to guys like him or nerdy when you drop a list of games without providing any context or checking the completion conditions, it just diminishes what they do i don’t think just because it’s being discussed you should feel like you don’t want to contribute, there’s no shame in being good at games
  13. i beat it a few years ago it's really a pain it would definitely take me more than 2 weeks to finish it, bea beat it before and she never has trouble with any game so
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