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  1. I have a vague memory of playing but I don’t recall being able to do anything on defense I would try holding the control pad and moving toward where the ball was but I don’t think it did anything, it’s a tough game for sure and I don’t think my experience was winning every other game
  2. First thing is to be more to the right side(more toward the bottom of the screen) of the runway than you would think, this is because I guess the view isn’t directly overhead so when the ship comes down it doesn’t come straight down so if you’re too far up on the screen it won’t let you land cause you’re not actually over the runway even though it appears you are second you don’t want to be just one tap from turning around you want to be a little faster that way if you’re not successful with the first attempt you’ll still continue moving right and can attempt to land again whereas if you are at the speed of just barely going right and miss the landing your ships turns, starts heading left and you can’t land heading left third and this might not help you but it worked for me, I pressed left and A at the same time my only reasoning is that it seems like a really specific press of left that lands you and tapping them both at the same time seemed to prevent me from holding down on left too long and turning me instead of landing lastly I think the runways won’t let you land unless you start by flying over the farthest left part of the runway first so you cant just fly up over any part of the runway and attempt your landing you need to be moving right over the start of the runway and then land
  3. Bad news i didn't start l'empereur, good news i beat the last star fighter, this game seems impossible at first but it's really about memorizing the levels and figuring out where you need to be when the enemies enter the screen
  4. i'll probably start l'empereur soon no promises i'll finish though
  5. 4-gray,gold,red,green,atomic purple,yellow,blue,black,smoke, jungle,watermelon,fire,grape,extreme green,ice=60 2-pokemon, DK=4 64 total, this is a collection not reseller garbage- so sticks are tight, the family dog didn't chew the cords, and no kid tossed them across the room in anger i'd say the only damage would be the golds have some rub off of the coloring, selling only as a group if anyone is seriously interested i can take individual photos
  6. I have ten left, 3 overlap Arknoid, last starfighter, and l’empereur but I don’t know that I’ll get to any of those this year. My goal was to get to ten by the end of the year and then hopefully finish by the end of next year so I might take it easy for awhile.
  7. I know I wrote about it in the thread the year I beat it but the way I remember it is 10 gets you to the end but it doesn’t actually loop until after 20. The win condition here says loops after 10 which I’m pretty sure is inaccurate again if my memory is right.
  8. The answer is with the famicom games I don’t have them so I couldn’t compete every week and I like to be all in, mbd is also right thou I’ve got so few nes games left to finish I’ve really been focusing on those new completions
  9. I’m about to start might and magic if anyone has some tips
  10. id say being fast is most important so you need to know what you're going to do with the ball before you get it, cause there's really no time to pass or line up a shot. I move in diagonals using the speed boost and try to position myself so i come up to goal so that if i was facing forward the ball would just get inside the right post but if i remain diagonal the ball would just get inside the left post and then depending on what position the goalie has taken i quickly decide if i should turn forward and shoot or just take the diagonal shot. I play the one minute games and always buy power and skill with my tokens, there's probably a strategy where you could play three minute games and really run up the score on the weak teams to earn lots of tokens which you could then use to max your stats and buy extra goals against the tough teams.
  11. Beat Shingen the ruler It's kinda like a stripped down Koei game that had the difficulty removed, usually when i play those games i almost feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices for each turn. Shingen was basically enlist men, buy weapons, attack and repeat. I enjoyed it until the very end when the maps for the field and castle battles became more complex and half the battles were spent moving the units just to get into attacking range of the defenders.
  12. I beat bard’s tale only to come check and see that it’s already been done! Anyway I quickly did klash ball since nobody likes it but me and it gives me something to contribute
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