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It feels so wrong


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Absolutely not. If you buy a game new, tear that fucker apart like a hyena on heat!

The VAST majority of games will never exceed retail value, even in new sealed condition, people stockpiling copies of brand new modern games would be better off buying lottery tickets tbh.

Games are good for playing, so play em! The only reason people care about games at all is because of the experiences they gift us. If not one single person ever opened and played a video game, they would ALL be worthless.

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It feels wrong, yes, even if it's not.聽 Last sealed game I bought which I cracked open was Dread.聽 Yeah, it felt wrong.

Instead, now what I do is if it's not a must-play on release (and few games ever are for me now) I just wait a few months and pick up a used copy.聽 Even if I save $5, at least I'm not the one that's cracked the seal.

And as others have mentioned it, if I LOVE it and want a sealed copy, in another 6-12 months, it's likely to be a cheap game (unless it's something like a first-party Nintendo title) so I don't mind picking it up later.

That said, I have bought a ton of sealed Switch titles, with the intention of opening and playing them.聽 But, if I don't get to it, they sit on my shelf sealed.聽 I hate that.聽 I have some LRG games I completely intended to play but here I am, 2 years later with $100+ games I got for $35 and I can't do it.聽 If I ever to the point where they bubble up on my play list, I'll probably just buy/trade for a used copy and profit the difference of the sealed game to get more games.

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9 hours ago, Californication said:

Yes. If you want a sealed copy you can buy the game again for $15 in a year or two.

That is just it. The so-called "$15" sealed copy may be a later print is not guaranteed to be exactly the same as a full-priced first print. So why take the chance?

And even then... Buying more than one copy, buying a pre-owned copy, and buying it digitally are alternatives to any collector that aims to keep their first purchase sealed.聽馃榿

For me, it feels no different than somebody unsealing a "silk sticker" Super Mario Bros. just because they were offered a "no hangtab, oval seal" variant for $15.

But that is how I feel when it comes to collecting.聽馃槄

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6 hours ago, Gulag Joe said:

I don't see these being a thing down the road. Maybe the collectors edition version.

Not for the price or anything, used to handling carefully my games and admiring my PS2 sealed games strap felt so wrong to be opening the seal of this new game聽

5 hours ago, CodysGameRoom said:




I could do so many things with that money 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

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Do I feel uncomfortable opening sealed games? Absolutely! It is one of the few reasons why I chose to buy Japanese releases of any game (series) I am interested in.聽馃槄

The one thing I have learned this past decade is that I love seeing collectibles in their original sealed state. And that even if I paid more early on for a sealed collectible, it does not always mean that I lost money. It just means a non-digital version of what I bought early on is on sale. And that the collectible I bought was worth the amount I paid for it.

For example, I paid a small premium for my sealed first print copy of Persona 5 Scramble. It is the Switch version, which is currently more rare than its PS4 counterpart. But to those who ignore the difference between a Japanese release and a NA release, I paid too much. Simply because a first print copy of Persona 5 Strikers might be $35 USD on eBay.

I mean to say is that a sale is a great excuse to buy two copies if the buyer did not already own a sealed copy. But for me, the combination of my sealed collection mentality and limited budget makes opening a sealed game feel wrong. Especially if the option to buy it digitally, or even get it cheaper pre-owned is an option.

But that is me. And not one of them Pokemon: Madden/FIFA game players that pay $800 for said games.聽馃槈

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Seems to me if you're buying games that are new, and I mean retail new, not 30 year old new and this makes you uneasy or feeling sick, you have some serious mental health issues that need to be addressed.聽 It really is that simple.聽 if someone gets offended by that being said, perhaps it's time to reflect on that a bit more and ask why you're getting offended and if that's normal.

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