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  1. Damn, not sure if i like these better lol, case looks better but that label looks terrible, I hope is just a teaser and the final version looks better
  2. Hopefully soon, have just gotten this beauty after a veeeeeeeeery long time looking for a nice copy and was about to make the submission, but prefer a new case , any news on how it will be?
  3. Damn I’ll wait then, and what if I want to replace my old ones for new ones? Is there any ETA?
  4. Just arrived!! Dark cloud was my favorite game as a kid and my first ever ps2 game, I have so much love for it, now im just missing a sealed pal spanish copy which it is impossible to find
  5. Hi! You guys know what the "wata legacy holder" is? I was about to make a submission and just saw it
  6. Yes thank you! Also the SSX3 9.6 A+ didnt notice it wasnt in the screenshot. SSX is the first version, not the ssx tricky (still looking for a nice copy of this one)
  7. Hi! I am looking for a sealed copy of Dark Cloud PAL version, hmu if you own a copy thanks!
  8. Got my grades posted for my latest submission, very happy with the Dark cloud 9.6 A+ and the Dark Cloud2(japanese version) 9.8A+ ( the art is gorgeous) Also,very happy with the grade of the burnout 2 (was my first ever car game and it is actually pop 1) A bit dissapointed on my Dragon ball budokai saga seal rating only got an A. This made me think, what would you rather prefer, a 9.6 A or a 9.2 A+? Not sure myself on what I prefer tbh
  9. Hi! You guys also check auctions on PWCC? They apparently also accept graded games now ( I just found out) and I was considering sending there 1 game i dont want anymore, but dont know if it will be less "seen" there for the auction
  10. I dont understand this kind of attitude when I am just asking a question, but thank you for your comment I guess
  11. Hi all. Recently I got my Pokémon games graded, and wanted to ask your opinion on how reliable/effective the cases are. According to their website, their case is UV protective, so I assume by that that we should not worry about sun fading or anything like that right? I got my games at the living room, there is light but the sun NEVER hits them directly ( there is never direct light to my apartment as it is north-west oriented. Should I be worried or can display them there without worrying? Also, my Pokémon red had a price tag on top and they removed it, just noticed there is now some kind of glue residue that I don’t think it was there when I received the games. Should I worry about humidity/condensation or anything even when they are inside the capsule? just trying to figure out the best way to preserve them
  12. Interesting ill be following this as I also was considering sending some games. I contacted them and told me they only accept orders for a total value of at least 10k$. Did they also say that to you?
  13. Just checked because I haven’t send to California yet, they were actually from December 22nd not January, sent to and shipped from Denver also.
  14. But what service? I sent on January 2 PS2 games and they shipped last week, will get them home next Monday ( speed run service )
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