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Love Chiptunes? From classic Mauer to the latest Chiptunes=Win comp album, we're here to talk/collect/create chiptunes!
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  2. Hello people! This thread seems to have died but let me attempt a resurrection! Check out my new album The Time/Shift Paradox! https://apebit.bandcamp.com
  3. Any one play or hear of this game? At first I thought this was literally just some random game my kids wanted, but it honestly got me into chiptune as an artform. There is so much genuinely good music on this game, and I have been exploring different chiptune artists I've been finding on Pandora since I've . This in addition to just being a really fun game! Check out the soundtrack or some gameplay if you have the time!
  4. The QUIET album is available for purchase on the Bleep Bop Records website!!! As always, the album comes in a collectable NES cartridge with a unique identifier number stamped on the front and is safely shipped to your door in just a few two business days. Here's a preview of track 06- Almost Still
  5. The Quiet Album It’s taken quite a while, but I finally have my seventh album complete, programmed (thanks to khan), pressed to boards (thanks to Infinite NES Lives), and am ready to sticker/assemble for an October 15th release! As always, sales will be on the bleep bop website!
  6. Thanks TylerBarnes! Trying to get more people to check it out.. I'm sure you know how it is!
  7. Wow nice stuff, Apebit! A lot of variation in there to enjoy. Congrats!
  8. Hey guys, put out my newest album a few days ago!! https://apebit.bandcamp.com/album/precipice-stardust
  9. Thanks! I'm playing catch up on a few I missed out on, but hope to stay abreast going forward.
  10. Releases section of chipmusic.org is the main spot for me at least. https://chipmusic.org/forums/forum/9/releases/
  11. Also I meant to ask, how do you stay abreast of so many chiptune artists and their releases?
  12. Share your collection of chipmusic on physical media. CDs, Floppy’s, Vinyl Records, Cartridges, Cassettes, etc... Vinyl: Cassettes: Cartridge:
  13. While going through and deleting unused and unlisted videos on my channel, came across a fun YM2413 psytrance track I never finished for Sega Master System. Not cool enough to go back to, but cool enough to share, haha. XPMCK used to create.
  14. This is a very real bug, but only applies in games where the player is hitting buttons constantly and their inputs need to be honored 100% of the time. For a simple NSF player and song selector it is no trouble at all. DCPM samples are welcome.
  15. I'm a Famitracker user so I'm confortable with that, just I wanna know about some limitations. I'm in a NESmakers group and sometimes they say that NES carts can't support stuff like DPCM channel for some bug with input controllers, commands and colum volume, I think this is gonna be different so I wanna know more about this project.
  16. Topic is live for VGS genpub! comment, love, try and gently/politely bump it from time to time to get as many eyes as possible
  17. @Cris nice- welcome aboard! love the work, bubble pop is running non-stop this morning! We'll be using vanilla Famitracker, but with effects- are you comfortable in that arena? @TylerBarnes sorry, i straight up didn't sent you a file. i'll PM it when i get home. I've been hitting folks up on r/chiptune who've posted NES chip tunes and will get on twitter right now!
  18. Hello! I'm Cris, and could be great if I can join it! Here's a reference of the stuff that I can do. https://viridiankurisu.bandcamp.com/
  19. Also side note, I am recruiting a solid chip artist I feel would be perfect to join the squad. Cris AKA 'Viridian クリス' I have invited them to join the forum/discussion
  20. Yes please do. I guess step one is just get famitone playing one song. Having a song will help with that.
  21. freakin, ppmck.i've done it, for 2 albums- and actually took a few weeks to unspin from ppmck to famitracker for the sole reason of the convenience of famitone/asm. it's rough when you'd like to play a pattern in the middle of the song and have to pull everything down (or comment out), compile, listen, swear, find the note that should be E16 instead of E8... rinse, repeat. the tracker format is a comfortable gui, gives you a ton of nice options for effects, and takes the technical schlog out of composing. get FT and give it a shot. I can send you a few ftm files if it'll help... there's also a secret (or not so secret) new release of famitone on nesdev which allows for more effects and a higher acceptable note range- i'll try and track that down
  22. There is always Bankswitching for multiple different non-bankswitching NSFs. UNROM is cheap and has 7 switchable bank and a fixed bank at $C000. I have never used famitracker and thus have never looked at the text exporting, the difference between 0CC vs vanilla, nor the documentation for Famitone2. However, intercepting values to be displayed as sprites may require a solid understanding of how famitone operates. The binary file that the famitone converter spits out may or may not be in a useful format to also dip into as for a visualizer. I think something can certainly be made that is a cool animation or visual aspect to keep things interesting on screen. I wish more people used ppMCK though . You can poke values directly into RAM with the y command at any point during the song. Those could be used to very easily sync the timing of a track to any subroutine in the main code.
  23. ok @TylerBarnes - is it hard to pull from the ooc famitracker fork for a cart? could famitone even work??!?! I'm thinking some folks don't do VT FT (vanilla famitracker) and OOC is taking hold...
  24. soooooooo i've seen rob (sly dog) do an effect where he reads the music as it rolls by and then displays the volume (0-15) with sprites, or background draws, who knows- making it look like an equalizer! i thought, man, wouldn't it be cool if we could 'read' the musical output and then change sprites on screen depending on what's being outputted (played)? this is pie in the sky stuff- i'm more about getting everyone on the same software and then getting those tracks together!
  25. Writing sprites is easy. Can you elaborate what you mean by 'read the output of the famitone tracks'? What data are you trying to target and turn into a sprite?

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