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Welcome to my VGS Blog. This is where I will post the majority of my lists. Enjoy.

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ThePhleo's NES CIB Seal of Quality Variant Guide [SAMPLE]

Here's the first 100 games as a sample...the rest coming soon. This list does not separate major variants like boxart changes, hangtabs, REV-A's, etc. Title Circle Oval ™ Oval ® Note 10-Yard Fight CIB       1942⠀ CIB C   Does an Oval ™ box exist? 1943: The Battle of Midway CIB ???


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USA - List of NES Hangtab/No HT & 5-Screw / 3-Screw Variants v1.3

Here is the list of all known USA NES boxes with Hangtabs, and NES cartridges with known 5-Screw releases. Version 1.4 will include Canadian hangtabs and screw variants as a separate list.   First Party Titles (Black Boxes) Information Screws Hangtabs Sticker Seals Publisher Title 5-Screw 3-Screw Hangtab No Hangtab


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OUTDATED - See New Guide -- (USA) NES Rarity Guide - Licensed, Unlicensed Games, and More! v1.3

OUTDATED SEE NEW VERSION HERE: ThePhleo's 2023 NES Rarity & Price Guide   Notes: September 21, 2023 - ThePhleo I will leave the old version up down below just for reference, but it is from November 15, 2019 and was last updated in December 4, 2020. It also uses the NintendoAge rarity guide as a foundation, which in turn uses Etler's list for its foundation, which in turn is just stuff he seen come in his store in New Jersey from the 1990's. It is highly inaccura


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List of NES Games (North America)

Below is a list of every video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the United States of America (USA) and Canada. This list comprises a total of 837 titles. 677 Licensed Titles & 160 Unlicensed Titles 677 Licensed Titles released in the USA 160 Unlicensed Titles released in the USA (of which 67 are Sachen titles) 64 Licensed Titles released in Canada Special Notes: Of the 72 officially licensed first and second party NES tit


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