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  1. When you boil it down, a video game is just a form of entertainment. If it doesn't entertain you then regardless of what the world might think, it deserves an honest opinion.
  2. Somehow I still don't own these CIBs! I'd like to buy chunks of them at a time if possible. Let me know what you guys got! I'd prefer it if they have all their inserts, or at the very least the posters. Arch Rivals: A Basketbrawl! Bad News Baseball Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Bases Loaded 3 Bigfoot Chessmaster Circus Caper Classic Concentration Cobra Triangle Dance Aerobics Defender II Destination Earthstar Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit Flight of the Intruder Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll Gaunt
  3. @Bearcat-Doug @Goodvibes Not my list to post...but eff it. Doug, yours was #367,809 GammaRay N0006798 Nesguy N0009000 Pedro N0011092 Livingfora1up N0039604 got it used about 2 months ago from a garage sale for $15. It came with some games including a Famicom converter Gyromite! One interesting note that I'm not sure has been mentioned, The AC and RF cords for this system are about 4 feet longer than standard adapters. K.Thrower N0054786 NES-CPU-01 1985 Smooth Top WA
  4. Yes, they are. If you took more then one then I only have the one with it on a white piece of paper. Since its your photo I'll share it...the other two I have are also publicly posted on Instagram somewhere so I'll attach those as well. Since you're upgrading a photo for me, I'll still honor it as a photo of a already known cart and pay you $10 per image...as long as its not something like 10 or 20 photos As for #0165, I have 6 photos. Since you're the current owner I'll share them with you privately to do with as you wish. They aren't *actually* my photos, so don't go p
  5. Interesting to know. This means the glossy stickers were also included in the pre-deluxe sets. Maybe the Matte seals are legitimately rare after all!
  6. Yeah one thing to keep in mind is they had to have 17 games ready for an unproven market on October 18, 1985 AND they were still pumping out games for other platforms...they had like 100 Famicom, and 40+ Game & Watch titles at the same time. They probably had very little down time as evident from the use of Famicom converters in US test market releases, and likely just used whatever time they had to produce chips in the early days. One part of Nintendo history that’s poorly documented is what happened the months right after October 1985. I bet that there wasn’t just one productio
  7. Forgot to add. When I scan boxes I have to remove the cellophane. I don’t have a 100% success rate of putting it back on though.
  8. This is actually valuable material. When they print stuff like this they usually just fold a single sheet and trim the edges to turn it into a “book”. Seems the printers forgot to print one side of the sheet and the result was this book with seemingly random blank pages. You can determine the fold pattern with this information. ... Ok so it’s not valuable in the sense of money, but just valuable as insight into the production history of these things Also, can I bug you for a full scan of this manual? There may be tiny variations that I can detec
  9. Thanks. This is one of the titles believed to been released during the transition from TM to R so it’s nice to have a solid lead. I still need more data points though but I’m also pretty confident that there isn’t a TM variant on this one as well. Still not confident enough to remove it though! Edit: Keep in mind I still consider a 5-screw Karate Kid, and Side Pocket in the realm of possibility. There are some things that will never be removed from certain “unconfirmed variant” lists.
  10. No doubt, I’m just trying to make sure with absolute certainty they don’t exist. I can’t be the only one trying to finalize the seal of quality list Afterall!
  11. I can’t see what variant you have on the last post. im looking for the type of trademark symbol they use. If it’s a “TM” or a “R” symbol.
  12. Awesome! Thanks So this leaves only four others in the "April 1989" subcategory that need TM variant confirmation...Dynowarz, Super Off Road, Snake's Revenge, and Wrath of the Black Manta. Conflict and Heavy Barrel are oddities in the "March 1989" subcategory that I just can't find TM variants when they *should* have them if they were actually released in March.
  13. You can say you're essentially...reserving your investments. Also, a box aint 100%+ cib without the Cello.
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