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  1. I played this just a month ago. I played through all the difficulty levels from easy to expert in order. On easy, I breezed through and bosses didn't even last long enough for me to learn their patterns. On each difficulty jump after that I had to get better and better at the boss patterns and further and further refine my strategies as battle plans that worked on lower difficulties didn't cut it on higher difficulties. For Hard and Expert I had to leave the console on overnight while using countless continues. After making it through expert, I went through easy, normal, and hard again and only needed 0, 2, and 3 continues respectively. It really pushes you to improve your game at each step. You're missing out if you only play through once on a single difficulty level. I was on the fence and voted 7 but I'm regretting that now and would change it to 8.
  2. I claim first place for NES with 981,020 on round 46 from May 1 2017.
  3. That completion count is looking pretty low for this time of year. Here's James Bond 007. I didn't realize the ending pixel art scenes advance automatically, wish I could have gotten a photo of them instead of the credits.
  4. I beat Aero the Acro-Bat. Boy do I have mixed feelings about this one. The snesrankings.com review mostly sums up my thoughts. The levels are looooong, partly because they just are, partly because you spend a lot of time holding the X button to look around so you don't jump into any instadeaths, partly because you die a lot and have to start again from a checkpoint. It took 8 hours wall clock time (including breaks and dinner) to complete. The later levels tone down the cheapness a bit and there is some genuine precision platforming challenge to be had.
  5. UFO Pro doesn't have any autopatching functionality. It's just a dumper and flash cart combined in one unit. You can stick the Japanese cartridge in the dumper slot on the top while playing the patched ROM if it makes you feel cooler but you have to do the patching yourself. To play translations and ROM hacks I've used a UFO Pro, Retrode, or sanni cart reader to dump the cart, transfer the ROM to my computer, use my computer to apply the patch, and transfer to a SD2SNES (FXPak Pro) to play. I was under the impression that translation patches generally don't exist for games that got a western release?
  6. A few corrections: In the review for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Fighting Edition: It should be "Gundam Wing: Endless Duel", not "Gundam Endless Wing". The Final Fight 2 review includes a picture of Final Fight 3. Taking a ball in Super Baseball 2020 does not give you any cash. Strider did get a Genesis port. I haven't played it but I think it is pretty well regarded. Also, the NES game isn't a port of the arcade game, it's its own thing. Final Fight is ranked too low. As always, thanks for writing these!
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