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Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Introduction Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is the Nintendo 3DS's enhanced port of "Kirby's Epic Yarn", originally released for the Wii in 2010. It was the last game Nintendo released for the 3DS in 2019, and has become somewhat of an uncommon, hidden gem. When the game was announced for the Wii in 2010, I didn't think much of it. I read some previews, watched some videos, and looked at some screenshots. I liked the game's visual style and that it was a side-scrolling platforming

Physical and Digital Releases

Introduction Of course, I had to talk about this eventually. Things have clearly changed in the last decade or so, and even in the last few years. For more than a decade, video games have been released both physically and digitally, with some games receiving digital releases only. With some exceptions (Disney Classic Games Collection, for example), video games don't usually include manuals anymore. Some games are released physically in a limited amount. Some physical releases don't in

MegaMan52's Top 10 Game Glitches

Introduction Nearly every game ever made has glitches. Some have a lot, some only have a few. Some are minor, and some are major. There are glitches that allow you to explore areas you're not supposed to be in, and other glitches that might be game-breaking and make it impossible to get any further. Here are ten glitches I've come across over the years that were just fun to do, and others that surprised me. MegaMan52's Top 10 Game Glitches  10.Go out of bounds in Icecap (Soni


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Video & Arcade Top 10 (Game Show)

Introduction In the '80s and '90s, it was actually quite common to find video game related shows. There was Pac-Man, Saturday Supercade, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Legend of Zelda, and Captain N in the '80s, and Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man in the '90s. This continued in the late '90s/early 2000s with shows like Donkey Kong Country, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Sonic X, and MegaMan NT Warrior.  Then there were the game sho


MegaMan52 in TV Shows

Celebrating New Year's in Animal Crossing

Introduction I'm sure most of us have traditions, New Year's being one of them. But what about video games or movies? Do you play a particular game or watch a particular movie during a certain time of every year? I got Animal Crossing for the GameCube in Dec. 2006. I still have my original copy of the game, and have played it every year since. I've also celebrated New Year's in the game every year since, and it is sort of a tradition. I've since also played Animal Crossing: New L


MegaMan52 in Traditions

MegaMan52 Looks Back on 2023

Introduction For me, 2023 was a mixture of happiness, frustration, fun times, and, in a way, adventure. I made progress with both my video game and movie collections, got to see my family on my Birthday as well as Christmas, went to Monster Jam, and even looked in three malls (in different cities) and more than fifteen stores for a Chuck E. Cheese Funko Pop figure. There were plenty of good and bad days, but there were enough good times that I thought I'd make a blog about some of the highl


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Top 10 Bootleg Games/Systems

Introduction First-party/Third-party/Licensed/Official games (whatever you want to call them) aren't the only games I collect. When importing games, I also collect bootlegs that came from Brazil, China, Taiwan, Poland, etc. Over the last three decades, many of these bootlegs have found their way into the U.S. and Canada. I read about many of these and other bootlegs in the early and mid 2000s. In the last decade or so, I've managed to get some of them. Some were bought on eBay, some ar


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Super Pac-Man Arcade1Up Machine

Introduction I'm guessing most of you who have read my blogs think I only like console and handheld games. Not so. I've visited numerous Arcades since the late '80s/early '90s, including Arcades in Theaters, Bowling Alleys, Airports, and Ferries, playing most of the better Arcade games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter II (don't remember which one), Ninja Turtles, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Cruis'n USA, San Francisco Rush, Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 and 2, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Monkey Ball, as


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YouTube Memories (Since 2006)

Introduction I joined YouTube on June 26, 2006. Since then, I have made over 500 videos (the majority of which were recorded and edited by myself).  2006 was a simpler time. It was before Google made many changes to YouTube, when videos were still standard definition, before the site resembled Facebook and looked more like its own thing, and before ads were shown at the beginning of (and during) videos. That year was also when creators didn't have to put so much time, effort, and stress i


MegaMan52 in YouTube

Top 10 NES Soundtracks

Introduction I've been playing the NES since 1990 or so, and have played hundreds of games for it. As a result, I've heard a lot of good (and some bad) NES soundtracks that I still remember and think about often. I've listened to not only the original versions of these soundtracks, but also remixes and fan-made MIDI's (dating back to the early 2000's). The soundtracks are that good.  My Favorite NES Soundtracks 10.Battletoads Battletoads isn't just known for its dif


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Pac-Man World Series

Introduction I mentioned in a previous blog that I might make a blog about the Pac-Man World series. Like many, I've played a lot of Pac-Man games over the years in Arcades, on consoles, handhelds, PC, etc. But as great as traditional Pac-Man games are, there's one series of Pac-Man games that I've always appreciated because they both have traditional Pac-Man gameplay and successfully brought the character into 3D: the Pac-Man World series, consisting of three main entries, a racing g

The Sega Master System

Introduction   I grew up playing the NES and have no nostalgia or memories of Sega's 8-bit console, the Master System. In fact, I hadn't even heard of the Master System in the '90s. I always assumed Sega's first console was the Genesis/Mega Drive, and that they had only made Arcade games prior to the release of that console. In 2001/2002, I came across an NES site called NES Player (mentioned in my previous blog about gaming sites I used to visit). They had several shrines (pa

Gaming Websites Past and Present

Introduction Since first browsing the Internet in the late '90s/early 2000s, I've visited a large number of both official and fan-made video game websites over the years. The very first game site I ever visited was none other than Nintendo's official U.S. site in 2000 or so. The site featured images of various characters such as Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, and (of course) Mario. There were pages for not only the N64, but also the SNES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color. There were screensho


MegaMan52 in Miscellaneous

Top 10 Flash Games

Introduction Yes, you read that correctly. Not PC games, but FLASH games. Those games you may have seen on various websites in the past that were playable on the Internet. Sites such as Newgrounds, Miniclip, Iragination, and Homestar Runner.  Flash was discontinued over a year ago, but despite that many Flash Games can still be played today. The Flash games from Iragination, the company behind various Mega Man Flash games such as Fireman: Incoming Storm and Fall of 21XX, are still play


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Favorite Moments in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Introduction I like the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, both of which I watched in the Theater and bought on Blu-ray. I got some Sonic 2 Movie toys at McDonald's last year, and also got a poster. So naturally, I got excited about the new Super Mario Bros. movie. I remember seeing the first image/poster for it, which was full of Easter eggs and references to many of the games. I watched the Trailer videos. Some people were disappointed about Chris Pratt voicing Mario and sounding different than M


MegaMan52 in Movies

Top 10 Holy Grail Items in My Game Collection

Introduction  I've bought so many gaming items over the years, that I've got various games and other items that could be considered holy grail items. In the past, I've shown a few of my rarer games or items here on VGS. But the fact that I've acquired several uncommon items (including one or two items that some collectors might be unaware of) led to the idea of creating a blog about ten items, as well as some honorable mentions, in my collection that are so uncommon they migh


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Super Mario Sunshine is Awesome

Introduction With a new Mario movie being released in Theaters soon and the weather warming up, I thought I'd talk about another Mario game. The game I'd like to talk about is yet another underrated game (nowadays, at least) for an underrated console: Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube. Unlike Kirby Air Ride, Super Mario Sunshine actually received positive reception from critics when it was released in the Summer of 2002. Nintendo Power gave it a 5 out of 5, though that isn't too s

Favorite Original Game Boy Games

Introduction  When someone asks what everyone's favorite game systems are, sometimes Handheld systems are left out and people are more interested in knowing what everyone's favorite consoles are. The original Game Boy is my favorite Handheld and my second favorite game system, largely because of its library. So, being one of my favorite systems, I figured I might as well list my ten favorite games for the Handheld along with some honorable mentions. Some of the games in the top 5


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Remembering Super Mario Bros. 35

Introduction On October 1, 2020, Nintendo released a version of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Switch to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the original game for the NES. It was a battle royale game similar to Tetris 99, and allowed groups of up to 35 players from all over the world to compete. As the game was intended to be a limited release celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the original game, Super Mario Bros. 35 was playable until March 31, 2021, and its online features we

Kirby Air Ride is a Good Game

Introduction For my next blog in the "talking about a specific game" category, I'd like to talk about the only Kirby game released for the GameCube: Kirby Air Ride. Much like the GameCube itself, Kirby Air Ride is pretty good but unfortunately is also underrated and has been subject to lots of criticism. The main reason for it being criticized is because it is different: it is mostly a racing game (though there is one mode in the game that has more than that), not a traditional si

Favorite Nintendo Switch Games

Introduction Since buying the Switch in 2017, I've gotten a large amount of both physical and digital games. While not my favorite Nintendo system, it is definitely a step up from the Wii and Wii U. The console/handheld hybrid has the largest library of any Nintendo console, with plenty of its own games as well as past favorites from other Nintendo consoles and handhelds, both updated as well in their original form (Game Boy games were added recently). The GameCube era was the last tim


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A Look at Imports: Mario Party 4 Event Disc

Introduction  On YouTube, I have a video series called "A Look at Imports." Starting with this blog, I'd like to expand on that series by talking about games that I didn't include and games that I do have videos of but would like to talk about things I never mentioned in the videos. As I've acquired numerous imported items over the years, this series could include peripherals and other gaming-related items in the future.  I'd like to start off by talking about a scarce promotional


MegaMan52 in A Look at Imports

Why Mega Man II On Game Boy is Actually a Pretty Good Game

Introduction Following up my Mega Man 5 NES blog is another blog about an underrated Mega Man game: Mega Man II for the original Game Boy. This game is considered by many to be the worst Game Boy Mega Man game and one of the worst games in the franchise, usually only ranking above the worst of the worst (like the Mega Man DOS games). Many still like the game, but some have said several negative things about it and the game's ratings are low for a Mega Man game. Common criticisms i

The REAL reasons why the GameCube is and always will be awesome

Introduction Hi there, and welcome to my first blog on Video Game Sage. This blog is about Nintendo's moderately successful but criminally underrated (so much so that Nintendo apparently regrets releasing it) sixth-generation console, the GameCube, and the REAL reasons why it is still an amazing console over twenty years after it was released and doesn't deserve all of the criticism it has received over the years. The reason why it is still a great console is not just because of Super Smash


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Why Mega Man 5 is one of my favorite Mega Man Games

Introduction Anyone who's seen my pictures (whether it's here on VGS or on Instagram) or just looked at my name knows I like the Mega Man series. But which game in the series is my favorite? Often, when there are polls asking this question or someone makes a top 10, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 are the favorites among many fans. Like many, Mega Man 2 was my introduction to the series and not the original game. But as much as I liked it, it wasn't and still isn't my favorite. I n
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