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Why Sonic Adventure is best on GameCube

Introduction The GameCube version of Sonic Adventure is praised by some but also criticized by many for being a so-called "bad" port of the original for Dreamcast. It has a lot of changes, sure, but most of those changes are improvements and additional content that more than make up for its shortcomings. The following screenshots of the Dreamcast and GameCube versions of Sonic Adventure are from a twenty-minute video I made comparing the two versions. Both versions were played using th


MegaMan52 in Comparisons

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday and "Boo-tacular" Halloween Event

Introduction  I visited Chuck E. Cheese last month in September. The restaurant chain wasn't a very big part of my childhood, and it wasn't even really on my mind until just a couple months ago. After watching videos and finding out more about it, I was interested in visiting. I enjoyed my visit. My Birthday is in October. After finding out that there's no age limit for having Birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, I decided I wanted to celebrate my Birthday there. I hadn't celebrated my


MegaMan52 in Restaurants

Top 10 Horror/Haunted Games

Introduction While not my favorite genre, there are a fair number of horror/haunted-themed video games that I like. And since it's October, I thought now would be a good time to make a blog sharing my top 10 horror games. Some of these aren't really "horror" games, but still have a sense of the season by having haunted levels or enemies such as ghosts or bats.  Top 10 Horror/Haunted Games 10.Monster Party Monster Party deserves a spot on this list just for the fact


MegaMan52 in Top 10's

Favorite Imports

Introduction For my second blog, I'm going to list my current favorite imports. Imports are my favorite items to collect and I've collected a lot over the years, so it makes sense that I make a blog about them. MegaMan52's favorite video game imports  20.Mario Party 4 Event Disc  An obscure Japanese Mario Party 4 promotional disc. I didn't find out about it until 2018, when I came across some sealed copies of it on eBay. Before buying, I did a Google search. The onl


MegaMan52 in Imports

Video Rental Stores

Introduction  The idea for this blog came about shortly after making my Chuck E. Cheese blog. As I mentioned in that one, Chuck E. Cheese wasn't a big part of my childhood. So I thought "why not share something that WAS a big part of my childhood?" And so I present to you, the reader, this blog sharing the video stores I visited when I was a kid, as well as some of the games and movies I rented and bought.  The Video Stores I Visited During My Childhood Ladysmith Video and Crazy M


MegaMan52 in Stores

Visiting Chuck E. Cheese in 2022

Introduction  I recently did a little bit of travelling, and wanted to find gaming-related goods in other places instead of just locally or online. I found a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. Unlike several other restaurants (such as McDonald's, A & W, DQ, Pizza Hut, etc.), I have no memories of being at Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid. I might've visited the restaurant once, but don't remember. I do remember seeing some of the commercials in the early/mid 2000's (during the Chuck E. Cheese


MegaMan52 in Restaurants

The REAL reasons why the GameCube is and always will be awesome

Introduction Hi there, and welcome to my first blog on Video Game Sage. This blog is about Nintendo's moderately successful but criminally underrated (so much so that Nintendo apparently regrets releasing it) sixth-generation console, the GameCube, and the REAL reasons why it is still an amazing console over twenty years after it was released and doesn't deserve all of the criticism it has received over the years. The reason why it is still a great console is not just because of Super Smash


MegaMan52 in GameCube

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