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  1. I have had luck on facebook groups and on ebay finding console boxes. Sometimes to get that final box you need to buy the entire system cib. In those cases I sold off the duplicate items. Reminds me I need to sell off a duplicate system I still have lol.
  2. I still have my commodore 1702 in it's box that I used when I got my first NES in 1987. It still works great but I don't use it much these days. I play most of my retro games on a bigger CRT now.
  3. I have a full US Hucard set and only missing Super Air Zonk to have a complete US set. I would not recommend getting into collecting US turbo at this point. Even the most common games tend to be $30 to $50 range. With this announcement I can only see prices going up. I would probably just get a turbo everdrive to use with this new system.
  4. Market is probably hot right now because people are home and stimulus money. I love the Saturn but I hardly own any of the US games. My main Saturn has a Rhea in it. I did pick up a few Saturn games recently from a friend and I was surprised at the going rate for some of these games. Like Tabonga mentioned some of these games have always been expensive. When I got into Saturn in 2002 games like Panzer Dragoon Saga was a $200 game even then. I remember people would say buy the game play it and pass it on. Basically a $200 rental at the time ha ha.
  5. I was originally going after a complete nes and TG16. I pretty much stalled on about 400 nes games and have not bought any new games in months. With the TG16 I think I may finish that collection. It's relatively small and not a ton of shovel ware. I am actually almost done with the US set I just need 1 cd game and 2 hucards. After that I'm not sure I will complete any full set. I will just go after subsets like all Shining Force, Ys, Castlevania, etc.
  6. I had a mega sg and a super nt and sold them after I got a mister. I played game gear on both and it looks amazing in both rgb and hdmi on the mister. If you don't need to use the cart this is a way cheaper alternative. Also the gba looks amazing on here.
  7. I'm a big fan of hook and prince of persia on the sega cd. I know these games are on other platforms but I really like the sega cd versions. Hook is such a guilty pleasure of mine. The snes version does look nicer in the colors but I really like the music on the sega cd. Prince of Persia on here and on the Turbo CD are my two favorite versions of the game.
  8. I think the SSDS3 really affected the prices of the coregrafx and the supergrafx. The cores were sub $100 before that came out. The TG16 library is the only one that I have been actively collecting these days. The US set is actually rare compared to other systems so I see that cooling a bit but still holding it's value. It makes sense that with everyone suggesting to just get the japan version of a game those prices would eventually go up. I'm really close to completing the US TG16 set so I'm just patiently chipping away at it. I am curious what the TG16 mini will do to the prices. We will know soon enough.....
  9. 1 - I been really tempted by the PSIO but I have resisted because they still seem to have incompatibilities on certain games. My mod chipped Ps1 still does the job but I been really close several times to buying one. I own a Rhea for Saturn and a GDEMU for Dreamcast and I love these things. 2- I can't comment on what Krizz is doing with sega cd but I loved my mega everdrive. I picked up a Mega SD from terra onion and I love that thing. Being able to play sega cd from a cart is very nice and it works well. 3- I think for 3ds you can just soft mod the system and just use any sd card. Last I checked you needed some kind of card for DS games but I could be wrong. 6- No sour grapes the TG16 is amazing. It is my favorite console and I have a good collection of hardware and games. It was the first system I got after my nes at age 13 and I have been fond of it ever since. I like to play, collect, and fix these systems. In fact I just fixed a TG16 parts board I got off of ebay. If you interested message me I may be able to cut you a good deal so you can get put that everdrive to use. It's system only but I can let ya know what parts ya need. The system is fully working and tested.
  10. ginoscope


    Bump added new items.
  11. ginoscope


    I am selling my Super NT and my Mega SG. Both are in great shape and I really didn't use them all that much. I honestly prefer to play on original hardware on my pvm. With the Super NT I also have the unopened Turrican box that I will include. The mega sg includes a 32gb sd card. Any questions or more picture request please PM me. $285 shipped for the pair or $150 each shipped.
  12. This is so true about shooters. As an adult with work, kids, and other hobbies being able to sit down for a quick shooter session is just amazing. One thing that I have noticed about myself and shooters is that I prefer using a joystick. I got used to playing neo geo shooters using a stick and now I love using one. As others have said it's just a real easy genre to get into. I also prefer playing these on a CRT.
  13. I just got the MegaSD on Monday and I can confirm that it is a great product. I was using a mega everdrive x7 before but this one is way better. It's really nice having the entire library on one sd card.
  14. I cut down on my carbs in May and it made a huge difference to me. Prior to that I followed the low calorie diet and that never worked well long term. I try and get a 30min run every morning during the week as well. I am down to high school weight and I am about to be 43 this Friday. I have never felt better and I eat what I want as long as I watch the carbs. I had my physical in October and the doc was really happy with all my numbers.
  15. I have only ever modded one Toshiba that had component on it and I felt the rgb was just a bit sharper. I know I could use an rgb to component device but this makes it simpler. Just my opinion but going straight rgb you avoid a lot of the processing going on in the TV. The Sony CRT I got rid of was a KV-27v42 that I had for like 6 months.
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