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  1. As a homebrewer, this is what I want the most - people to see all the content we generate. I'm including things like an easy mode just to help people get through the game.
  2. I realized I didn't have a thread for this, so I figured I'd post some videos. Its very Battletoads-esque, with different play styles wrapped in a beat'em up. Here's the main video we've been showing off. The vacuum boss: And also a super out of date video of the shower boss -
  3. I asked this question on the previous forum, but I always like to read responses. I LOVE playing Battle Kid 1 & 2. I've beaten the first quite a few times. The 2nd I've never finished, but come close . Armed for Battle saw a lot of play, but not in campaign mode. Streamerz still gets played every once in a while. Played a ton of versus frogger championship. Beat a handful of others. Anyway, as someone making a couple homebrews (for the Turbografx) I am always interested in who plays their homebrews to completion. Like, will all the content I generate be seen?
  4. But a bad time to be a seller of loose games. SNES and NES have taken such a huge hit.
  5. I have a lot of random GG games somewhere in my house. Also, there's two versions of Tumble Pop, Sunsoft and something else.
  6. There's been 6 episodes, and 3 have been "Mando does a job and gets betrayed." Also, how does everyone know it's "Mando" they've known, and not a different Mandolorian? He has new armor. Also, how dumb is "Mando" as a nick name? He's one of an entire race, why is his nickname a shortened version of his race name. Imagine if they called a human "Hum" for short. It'd be ridiculous. Further, the show really doesn't seem to be "going" anywhere. Like, 6 out of 8 episodes, and really only the first established any plot. I love Baby Yoda. I like the concept. The execution has really really been lacking.
  7. Damn, I'm so glad I got this game when I did. I think I paid $180.
  8. When I was playing MTG 20 some years ago, I would get as many Drudge Skeletons as a I could. I probably had 3-400, but it didn't impact the market. It was a 10c card, millions were printed. Common as you could get. People going for 1000s of Dragon Warrior carts or Keith Courage can't affect the market. You'd need 100,000 to even have a slight noticeable impact. What's absolutely crazy to me is that rarity distribution in NES games feels a lot like MTG cards. The major difference is, cards were intended to be common, uncommon, and rare. NES games weren't. People bought the stinker Silent Service by the millions. You see it everywhere. This wasn't intentional. So weird.
  9. Not to mention, a lot of the PAL/J exclusives like Gimmick don't play properly if you buy the PAL version. Better off getting the J version for the ability to play the game. I've got a Mr. Gimmick in my collection, but it's just for show. Some games, however, actually stuck with the 60Hz timing. Probotector and Ufouria come to mind. This, I believe, is the full list of PAL exclusive, licensed NES games. Aladdin No-NTSC Astérix Aussie Rules Footy Beauty and the Beast, The No-NTSC Bubble Bobble 2: Rainbow Islands (Different Game) Chevaliers du Zodiaque, Les Dropzone Elite International Cricket Kick Off Konami Hyper Soccer Legend of Prince Valiant, The Lion King, The No-NTSC Mario Bros. (Classic Series) (Different Game) Noah's Ark Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands II Rackets & Rivals Smurfs, The Super Turrican Tecmo World Cup Soccer
  10. A mere 27 to go! Alone In The Dark: One Eyed Jack's Revenge Batman Forever: The Arcade Game Bust-A-Move 3 Command & Conquer Contra: Legacy of War Crow: City of Angels, The Defcon 5 Die Hard Trilogy Doom Double Switch FIFA Soccer '97 Highway 2000 Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga, The NFL 97 NHL 98 NHL All Star Hockey Olympic Soccer Scud : The Disposable Assassin Slam N Jam '96: Featuring Magic and Kareem Tempest 2000 Three Dirty Dwarves True Pinball Tunnel B1 Virtua Fighter Kids Virtua Fighter Remix (LongBox) WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game
  11. So, I'm having the same problem with my 2019 cart I emailed support, and haven't heard back.
  12. Ugh, so many people saying Genesis. It's such an annoying set to collect for, with CIB rising and loose carts dropping. Y'all making it harder on me. I'm finishing up Saturn and Dreamcast right now, before I tackle that giant Genesis CIB nightmare. Only 28 left to go on Saturn, 45 on Dreamcast.
  13. Thank god I got that at a missed price. I'm still missing DinoPark, Mathemagics, and one other for my long box set. I've kinda written off Dinopark.
  14. I like that it seems to be free of the stench of being in bed with WATA. There were so many stickied topics "SHOW OFF YOUR WATA GAMES" No thanks. Good riddance to that.
  15. This is exactly why I got out of Star Wars collecting. It was overwhelming, the amount of merchandise coming out. You just couldn't keep up. And Star Wars collecting is really popular, it's just not as popular. Also, MTG has seen some INSANE price ramps. I sold off my P9 in 2005, because I was sure the game couldn't last much longer. Probably could have sold everything now for $50k instead of the $5k I got.
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