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N64 Kiosk Restore, power to Sound Board

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I am trying to fix up an N64 kiosk, does anyone know what power adapter goes to the board? I have circled it in the picture what I need, pretty sure it's a 12V. I do not have one on mine, I am just trying to get the sound up and running and would appreciate any help with sourcing a replacement.




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Spoke to another collector, this is looking underneath the bubble dome, you can see the adapter there on his.


Mine is definitely missing it:


He did however give me the specs off his:

ProTalk Model: AU57-120-1675

Input: 120VAC Output: 12VDC 1675MA

I've order a replacement, 12V 2A adapter with what appears to be the same size barrel jack. Will hook it up when it arrives tomorrow and see if it works. I've also ordered the replacement pots for the Mario timer which will arrive in a week or two, fingers crossed it all works. I half expect the speakers to be toast or some other issue once powered.

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Found a compatible adapter at a garage sale for $3. Everything works, plugged it in and fan started. Powered the console and sound was perfect, all 4 speakers function. Just need to replace the bulbs with LED, run an S-video cable and unlock the TV to change inputs. I figured out the audio on the back, the console Red and White go into the TV, which acts as a passthrough to the Red and White going to the sound board. I was pretty happy.



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