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  1. It's a deal haha...and I just looked ...I posted pictures of it under collectors questions in here...its about the 10th post down if you wanna check it out...maybe you'll know more about it haha
  2. Yes you read that right and this may have already been discussed before but I will ask...a couple people have said that they own a 1 screw gold cart zelda....they've both said it has a 5 screw frame but no holes where the outside 4 screws should be, simply one screw right in the middle of the back...now neither of these two people could produce a picture of these so called one screw carts so I dont know if they really exist...i absolutely didn't believe the first guy so I just blew that off as he's a dumbass...but my cousin that knows NOTHING about Nintendo was looking at my collection and out
  3. I have a 5 screw super mario/duck hunt/track meet...I've asked about everyone I can think of about it...the label hasn't been transferred and from everything I've seen and everyone that's given me info and their opinion about it, its authentic...one other person said they had one but sold it but he didnt have pictures ...so in my mind even tho it's a sm/dh/tm...I'm pretty sure as of right now it's the only known copy...and to be honest I dont know if I really want to trade it for anything BUT....you never know till something is on the table haha...
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