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  1. Its cool... I'm not the judge around these parts haha...whether yours is real or not isn't up to me haha...I like that you spotted it and jumped on it...I've done it dozens of times and one of these times its bound to pay off
  2. Oh no you didnt come off as arguing at all...most of that was for anyone else that was gonna comment on what I said too is all haha...let me take a ganders here at this....Gotcha 5 screw...O7 stamp and no "A" stamp on the back plate...8743A on the little chip...the O7 stamp is a fat O not a skinny 0...dont know if that makes a difference haha....I've had it since the mid-late 90's back before anyone really knew there were rare games so I'm not worried that it's ever been tampered with...Its not in super great condition or anything...just average...kids back then treated games like shit haha...
  3. Just like a gotcha 5 screw shouldn't either
  4. I dont have the box...just the cart...have no clue what the box should look like...but what I'm saying is that the one that sold a day ago doesn't fit the timeline of the 5 to 3 screw change over really....the back plate and the date codes...I'm not saying that game is fake...I'm simply saying it doesn't really match up with things quite right...the box is whatever...you can put an orange bullet tyson 5 screw in the correct looking box...it doesn't really mean much unless it's a factory sealed box tho....you can do the same for a jaws or the gotcha...the box is kind of irrelevant in this case.
  5. The one that sold on Ebay today with the box n stuff doesn't look like mine if I'm not mistaken...the back plate on the one that sold today has a rev-a back sticker and the chips are not as old either...I'm not saying it's a fake...I'm simply saying it doesn't really match up "timeline wise" is all...so someone else with more knowledge then me can make that call
  6. I would totally be happy with horrendous shape...I cant even find someone willing to trade for one in horrendous condition
  7. I have a gotcha 5 screw...I'm sure I can open her up if it'll help you guys out any...but yeah....i agree...that one looks like someone tried and failed to replicate a real 5 screw...then tossed it in a lot to just get rid of it...sorry bud
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