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  1. Not all new but, new entries allowed these pictures. I... think this is all the games Sega, Atlus and Rare did but if I'm wrong I'd like to know.
  2. I actually have a similar issue, though I don't have many glaring omissions in the traditional sense, my NES/GB/SNES sets are very weak in contrast to my Sega/Xbox/Atari/PS stuff, but a lot of that just is a money thing. Sega is a company I adore though and I definitely keep their spirit alive through the hobby. The interesting thing is if I find 3 more GG titles, I will likely never buy a Sega based console title again, which is exciting but kind of sad too since I miss em.
  3. I figured this would be an interesting (and hopefully not overly controversial given the demographic here) topic to discuss. We all likely have our own groups, connections and exposures when it comes to this hobby, and I'm curious what perspective others have with how things are today versus how they were prior, or anything else you might decide you'd feel like discussing that might fit. For me, it's been an interesting road as a collector. I started maybe 13 years ago give or take. When I began, the first game I picked up was a boxed Kirby Superstar for the SNES and an unboxed SNES. I st
  4. I guess I should ask, is there ever any intent to bring in the full series awards or is that a dead end? I liked gunning for them before and would love to be motivated again
  5. I was aware of one but not the other, thankfully I don't collect these particular things since I consider them variants like a players choice or something to that nature. Kind of like buying 7 movies then later buying the 7 pack just because. I suppose if I was a full set collector it might be more debatable but I've never really felt like those things should be counted as full sets just because they're redundant, but that's a different thing altogether
  6. If I missed anything please let me know, I researched a lot but I'm not perfect I'm aware Guardian heroes was not by them but needed a filler and it felt right
  7. The ESRB version is the one that is tough as nails to find, though the other versions aren't plentiful, but are far more so.
  8. I certainly wish I could have found a CIB rather than new so, believe it or not I'm still jealous
  9. Hate to say that was me, and the bid I put in was far higher than that, I was ready to basically not be able to collect for the rest of 2021 to try since I thought it might be a long time before another pops up. I kind of put in a 'if I can't win with this bid I'll make someone else pay a buttload' mentality with this one lol. I contacted the seller when he put it up to ask him to please give me a chance to win and assured him I would because I suspected many were trying to get him to take it off eBay, so I felt I had to put my money where my mouth was but it stung badly, it's the most I
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