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Check out my new games! / Thank you to a great community :)

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Heya folks!

So, I don't usually post very much about my new finds and additions, but I wanted to give two special thank-you's to some VGS folks who have helped me out recently!


First Up!  A New PlayStation 5, thanks to @xelius who got this for me at cost, asking nothing in return.  Fighting scalping by doing a cool service for a fellow community member.  I'm really excited to check it out and very much appreciate the help - so thanks!



Next up - is an awesome batch of games that I traded with @Jeevan for, and he helped me out big time here!  
Below we have Kuon for PS2, and Cubivore for Gamecube!  These are games that I have been wanting for many many years, and for whatever reason have not picked up.  They've both increased in price to the point that I assumed I may just never get them.  But thanks to my buddy Jeeves, we were able to make it happen!


I am very excited about this, and can't wait to play them.  Cubivore is a weird, quirky game that I have wanted to checkout for years.  And Kuon, is an expensive PS2 game - I've played parts of the Japanese version, but I've always wanted the US version as well.

I'm so appreciative of the help I received from both @xelius and @Jeevan and I just wanted to share this and thank them for their help.  Both of them did me a huge solid here, and I'm very grateful!

I'm continually reminded over the years, that whatever happens to the larger "hobby," there is always cool stuff out there, cool people to hang out with and help in the community, and no amount of other negative nonsense going on in the hobby will ever change that for me.  

So, keep on being cool to others and remember to talk about and share all the positive stuff going on!  We often lament about things - increased prices, shady practices, etc etc., but there's still a lot of good happening as well.  We should try to focus on that where we can! 🙂

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Administrator · Posted
14 hours ago, MegaMan52 said:

@spacepup You mentioned Cubivore during a Mario Kart VGS game night. Congrats on getting it! Nice of @Jeevan to help you out there.

Oh yeah, for sure - thanks!  

There were two Atlus games that I really wanted for a loooooooong long long time, that for whatever reason, whether it was cost or availability, just never picked up or bit the bullet.  

One of them was Lunacy for Sega Saturn, which @Mega Tank was very helpful in acquiring for me!  The other is Cubivore as discussed here.  In both cases, it is thanks to a friendly fellow VGS member that I was able to pass the hurdle.

There are many many many others who deserve much credit for being super helpful in the community - so the people identified here are most certainly not the only people I could express gratitude and thanks for.  

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Somehow I missed this, getting Cubivore sadly for some years now is no small feat.  Certain things I'm glad I held onto or recovered before GC got investor interested some years back.  It's such a fantastic game, quite unique, right down to them retaining the N64 flavor (with Animal Crossing being the obvious other.)  What got me was what were the motivations of Nintendo NOT releasing it, but also just happy they weren't so jaded about their own property as to not let Atlus do it which back then was huge.  They just weren't as fuzzy as going in with another developer much, it's partly why Retro was so huge with them doing Metroid.  Have fun with it, it's a gem, just like anotehr high ball priced one of simple design -- Chibi Robo.

If you're looking for other weird ones I can give suggestions probably off some peoples radar.

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