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The VGS Baby Shark Thread


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A few years late, but let's discuss everything relating to Baby Shark. Do you and your SO act out all the voices and moves while making love? Hate the song because your kid constantly sings it? Joined with a flash mob in a coffee shop or major plaza to sing the song? Wear Baby Shark underwear? 

Let's talk Baby Shark!

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21 minutes ago, WalterWhiteJr. said:

My 14 month old loves baby shark and all of its iterations. The song is annoying, but that doesn’t stop me from singing it at least once per day. If for no other reason then to distract him while we change his diaper. DADDY SHARK DOO DOO DOO DOO

We should have a vgs Baby Shark singing contest

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Oh dear God....  I have had many 4:30am wake up calls with my son where he would watch the Baby Shark clip over and  over again on you tube.  There was one specific version with two Asian children singing it and dancing to it that he really enjoyed.  I remember having thoughts of murdering the Asian boy at one point.  It got dark.  Thank god he has moved on to other things now that he is almost three years old.

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EDIT: This thread got song stuck in my head.

Baby shark was a hit with my two older sons who are now 7 and 6 but of course they outgrew it. Yeah we had to sing and do the shark arms/hands and all that.

I have a 1 year old who will eventually be exposed to whatever popular kids thing comes next, and I’ll sing whatever he likes cause that’s what parents do lol.

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