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  1. Very nice. Were you able to get the game to stop glitching?
  2. Uhm... what.... Is this like finding that treasure in Dragon Warrior 1?
  3. Dude you only live once. Just buy it now. Sell some of your old games to get it. I'll take that Tron Bonne off you. That should give you just enough, no?
  4. I have the itch to start getting into arcade machine collecting. I live in New York state and have the room for them. My wife's head might explode but I can navigate that. Any thoughts?
  5. I have a Kojima signed MGS3. Love that game and game designer. It's worth a lot to me. Don't care what anyone else thinks.
  6. So good. I miss Team America. "Aids, aids, aids...... AIDS"
  7. Oh shoot. Thanks. I will black it out.
  8. Who is with me? GoCollect 55tS8pnimoe0 · We couldn't be more excited to announce that the new GoCollect will be launching at 10am EST tomorrow, Oct 13th! We don't expect any major service interruptions. And should anything arise, please rest assured we will address promptly. We look forward to launching our next iteration of making collecting better. Best Regards, Jeff Meyer - GoCollect Founder 44
  9. Untested but yet there is a pic of it running. lol
  10. Got mine b/c Amazon sent me a text about this being on their treasure truck, whatever the hell that is.
  11. It seems even if you sell here it will be reported by PayPal unless you do friends and family. I hear that the Government wanting to track Crypto transactions is driving a lot of this.
  12. Sorry about that. Go into the special section and enter the level select cheat code. Level selectEnter "NONJYMNT" as a code to unlock the level select option A bunch of levels have been named something different. Look for the last level to be called "On top of the World". The last battle takes place on top of the World Trade center.
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