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  1. GME will not quit. This is a ride for the ages. Can AMC breach $20?
  2. What do these even go for these days?
  3. I hear you. I love watching old basketball clips on you tube. Larry Bird, the Pistons, the 90s Knicks.... back when men played the game. Bunch of spoiled cry babies now.
  4. They are unless you have KEY cards graded 9 or 10. If you go back before 1980 then PSA 6 or 7s are worth money as well. The rest are worthless.
  5. I am into them. Just recently dusted off the old track I used to use with my dad for my kids. It was fun for sure but my kids are still too young. My son kept eating the rubber tires off the cars lol. Also my four year old daughter kept stepping on the track and what not. Packed them up for another day down the road. I was surprised by the price of some of the cars I have. I sold a Miller Light Indy car for $150 on eBay. Seems the ones with alcohol and tobacco markings on them were short printed. Makes sense when you realize they were marketed for kids. I still have the red Marlboro
  6. So you found one but now you are selling it?
  7. Oh yes it has blown up. Thing is it really happened to only the top 5% of the cards out there. The other 95% are worthless IMO. High graded copies of premium players and super rare inserts are where the only money is at. I remember almost pulling the trigger on an Upper Deck Jeter SP rookie PSA 9 about ten years ago but didn't because I thought paying over $300 for it was nuts. Well last time I checked it is now a 5k card. Crazy.
  8. This one seems like a tough on to get. If you have one and looking to sell please hit me up. Thanks.
  9. I use E-trade and haven't had any issue buying and selling both GME and BB over the past couple of days. Although I did see some fees on my gains which shouldn't be there. After calling them and being put on hold multiple times they can't explain to me what the fees are for and are gonna call me back when they have an answer. First they tried to say I was trading OTC stock... fucking idiots.
  10. Prices are insane EVERYWHERE. When will this bubble burst? It has got to be close. Stock market at record highs, retro games skyrocketing irrationally, US Government just printing money left and right.... heck even GameStop's stock, that is right GameStop, is seeing a HUGE increase. I think it will hit $100 today. Wasn't to long ago it was around $5. Just madness all around. When this bubble bursts it will be a hard and sharp fall back to reality.
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