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  1. 3k....... holy shit!!! Is that what these go for these days? What am I missing? If that is the going rate, this market is truly off the rails. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Oh I thought SNES systems didn't come sealed?
  3. Oh boy. This is starting to resemble the old PC Engine FX Forum experience. lol Gio is famous on there. A legend, if you will.
  4. I was asking if the Terraonion allowed you to play SuperGrafx games. The collector had some SuperGrafx games in his collection. It does not however. And stop spamming my thread with multiple copies of your Bonk 3. God dam, we get it, it's a nice copy. But we don't need to see it 100 times.
  5. I'll handle this question as I actually posted that pic. Long story short is I helped Air Gio set up his Videogamesage account on my phone and then never logged out. I posted this in a rush and didn't realize I was still logged in as Air Gio. Anyways, I love the screen upgrade for the Express. The picture quality is awesome. And if you are gonna do it, I recommend the larger screen version which I have. I haven't noticed any decreased battery life because of the upgrade. If I remember correctly the person who did the mod said it could actually increase battery lifespan as the ne
  6. So it does exist. Just really rare. I wonder if there is any game that truly does not have a single sealed copy in existence. Is that even possible?
  7. Yeah I bet that one is likely to not have any sealed copies in existence. I mean didn't they go to jewel cases shortly after release? Who would have bought that game at launch and kept it sealed?
  8. Ok so it doesn't play SuperGrafx games? I only ask b/c I see he has a few SuperGrafx games in his collection.
  9. Cool collection for sure. What is that piece on the back of the system and does it allow you to play SuperGrafx games?
  10. God I wanna say I must have seen one in all my years of collecting. Now I am on a mission to find one. I shall report back.
  11. When did Little Samson become so rare. I always thought it was just a really good Uncommon game.
  12. OMG... the Wii U's library is 100X better than the CDI's library. I have both systems.
  13. I wonder what this will go for: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254953781832?nrd=true&pb=0&_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4626.c10&autorefresh=true
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