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  1. I would say trim down the collection now while you are still feeling somewhat better. Put the money in a trust for your nieces. With these interest rates it will grow quite nicely until they are ready to use/need the money. Of course keep the sentimental stuff and Everdrives still so you can play the games you want. Just my two cents.
  2. So you are going for the TurboGrafx set huh? I love that system. You're not too far from me. I have some Turbo doubles. Hit me up if you wanna trade.
  3. I see. Thanks for the info.
  4. What makes this a variant exactly?
  5. In the end it is still a human deciding so there are always be variances. I've seen plenty of tens with minor marks on them. And I have seen 8s that I can not find a single flaw in.
  6. What do you use to look for flaws? Microscope? I picked up a Topps Jete Gold Rookie for $10 recently. Want to give it a close look for any flaws. Might get it graded.
  7. Analogue Duo will be available for preorder today at 8am PDT in limited quantities. Preorders will ship in 2023. Preorder your Duo now.
  8. Oh I see. Sorry but that CDI system is long gone. It sold for my asking price.
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