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Events Helper · Posted
6 minutes ago, JVOSS said:

humm the edges look to be thicker then the normal poster.  my guess is poster board or chipboard then set together.  it's also possible a print out from a walkthrough guide..

i'll have him bring it to work and i'll take a closer look and pics.  I'll keep ya posted to see if i can see what it is.  I have very little info.  He bought it with some promo's from another guy at work.

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Social Team · Posted
On 11/26/2021 at 3:12 PM, Jeevan said:


Looks like there are cuts in the map so that it can be folded up.  The Etsy ones are solid print out.  If this was a promo thing I doubt it would have cuts to fold it for storage and seems more like a retail product that would be packaged with like a strategy guide or with a book about the game/series.  I think a closer inspection can rule out Etsy made and lead you to it being mass produced.

Does the reverse side have the Dark World on it?

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