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Hello from Nick-Speed

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Hey all.
With mixed emotions that I’m writing this post. I was a member of the other site for over a decade (I think), and while I wasn’t an active poster, I so greatly enjoyed the dialogues and commentary that site housed on a regular basis.

I’ve been going for a complete SNES set since the system folded and am roughly 60 games away. I can honestly say my collection wouldn’t be where it is now without the knowledge and support I gained from this community. I learned so much about this hobby, the system I love, and a whole slew of other neat things from the people who posted to that site.

I purchased all my holy grails from members of that site, and I purchased a bunch of strange oddities from members so passionate about retro gaming that they’d pour their heart into producing things the community would gravitate towards (the Targa release and Megaman II soundtrack on vinyl come to mind...). I even had the opportunity to meet up with folks in person a few times in my town and share this hobby with others... all because of that site.

Like many, I’m sure, my growing family and work life have kept my sparse participation on that site down even further over the last 1.5 years, but I’ve always enjoyed checking in from time to time to see what’s happening. Imagine my horror when I logged onto NA about 30 minutes ago to see the grotesque monstrosity it has become. I don’t think I need to say more than it’s certainly a hot pile of garbage, and definitely a disrespectful affront to the community.

I was quite happy to see references there to thIs new VGS site. I’ve been here only a few mins, and basically just set up my profile and poked around a bit, but I did notice a ton of familIar names posting familiar things, and was pleased to see the community seemingly back up and running. I haven’t spent long on the site to determine who put it together, but thank you very much for doing it. Super pumped to poke around this new site and figure out how it all works.

Apologies also for the long message. I was surprised how emotional I felt about the destruction of the other site, and felt compelled to sort my feelings out in a long-winded introduction post here.

Pleasure to meet you all (again).

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