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  1. Very cool. I am looking forward to this. The chips challenge aspect looks awesome and if there is a custom level builder so I can make my own puzzles then I'm totally down for this.
  2. Update for Force Bot. I decided to expand the game by adding more levels and revamping all of the current levels that exist. Over the last few months the game has gotten a heck of a lot cooler and has exceeded my own expectations. When you are designing levels, inevitably you get better over time and so now I'm looking back at some of my older levels and purging them and replacing them with better versions. The final result will be awesome. On a side note I tried to set up a stream on Twitch for those of you who are interested. Currently I am playing all of the NES Byte Off subm
  3. Currently I am playing all of the NES Byte Off submissions for the 2020 year. My set up as of right now is just my iphone, but if there is enough interest then I will get an actual streaming PC with face cam. My current main computer is running windows 7 and is about 10-11 years old and will not run any of the streaming software thus why I'm using my iphone for now. https://www.twitch.tv/erockbrox And if you want to chip in for a PC build here is the donate link https://paypal.me/erockbrox
  4. I still think it can work if you polish it up and work out all the bugs. For example in Zelda on the overhead view if you walk right then the player walks right, but in first person mode you would be pressing up to walk forward in any direction. So the D-pad input controls would have to be constantly be remapped so that up is the forward facing direction always. That's not that hard to do its just a special remapping of inputs that is dependent upon your character's facing direction.
  5. Oh, I just had this brilliant idea. Can you lock the camera onto the player so that when the player moves then the camera moves. For example place the camera on Links face so that Zelda is in first person mode. The camera would be moving along with the character as if the whole game was in first person. This one thing, could change the game completely, it would give a totally different playing experience. I'm telling you right now that it would be a mind blowing experience and all you have to do is fix the camera onto the player and let the camera move as the character moves.
  6. This emulator as almost like if the NES and N64 had a baby together.
  7. SEN is just NES backwards to avoid any kind of copyright or whatever. I'm pretty confident.
  8. Here is an awesome video someone did.
  9. I'm currently working on sticker stuff. I want to try and also get gold stickers, silver stickers, glow in the dark stickers. I'm in the process of getting it all figured out.
  10. You may know me from my NES Force Bot game that I am working on, but I also work on tons of other stuff too. Since the early 2000's I've been creating comic book characters and would like to make an actual comic book one day. I finally decided to show off one of the comics. This is just one of my creations I have many more characters and stories to share. Here is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricSch70919379 Here is my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ericschafer And here is a Q and A discussing the character and story. It's going to be a bad ass comic and story. T
  11. Here is the dimensions in inches. It's pretty close to the 55mm by 97mm size, but from my experience the 97mm is a very stung fit. It just barely fits in the space. I think it is okay to have a 1 mm gap on the top and bottom of the sticker spot so that is what I'm going for. Here is the fake proof they sent me. I'll see how these fit and then see if I need to make any adjustments on the size.
  12. The intro screens felt more like "warning screens" of some type. LOL It's a neat game.
  13. The plan is to have several types of front label sticker options. There is the regular standard sticker. And then you can upgrade to a fancy holographic sticker similar to this.
  14. Got the sticker front label and back box artwork fairly worked out. There still might be some tweaks here and there because I think I have to adjust the dimensions of the box size a little.
  15. Got to get some test label stickers and test boxes. I even want to do some special holographic stickers (maybe). Then have to create some videos. I also am trying to create a cardboard robot costume that I want to dress up as. LOL It might turn out great or not I don't know. But everything has to be in place before you launch a KS. I'll keep everyone up to date and thanks so much for following.
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