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NES Completions thread 2021 - 650/677

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Member · Posted
7 hours ago, Elkovsky said:

Legendary Wings is done. Didn't get the ending pic in time—haven't beaten this one before, so I incorrectly assumed it would freeze on the final screen rather than starting another loop. I have a screenshot of me at the beginning of my second loop with close to a million points, so hopefully that's okay.

Just to make sure, one loop *is* enough for completion, right? If not, I can always take a second go at this tomorrow if someone doesn't beat me to it. Also, is anything different on subsequent loops? Increased difficulty? Multiple endings?


There's no different ending after loop 1, so first loop is sufficient. The difficulty doesn't even increase. This is the kind of game that you could keep looping forever once you're good at it.

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Events Team · Posted

im prolly halfway on DW.  gonna sit and level while watching tetris for awhile, hoping to have it done before midnight tonight 😉  prolly sooner than that if i can get enough gold to get the silver shield first.  just got magic armor and will work on erdrick's armor next 

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4 minutes ago, ScaryD said:

Shadowgate beaten.

Congrats. I finally sat down with a walkthrough and beat that on 1/30. Thirty years ago I tried to play it and got nowhere. I can't imagine beating it without a walkthrough/guide. Some things are so convoluted. Glad I finally got it done though after 30 years.

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Member · Posted
13 hours ago, PII said:

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones is done.  Don't care what any peanut gallery has to say about this one.  ¡IT KICKS ASS!



Any tips on fighting the final boss? I've been stuck on that boss for a few days now.

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