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  1. OK, Digger T. Rock is done. I had to be quick to grab a picture of the end. Not that hard with a map (and walkthrough). Almost good, but lots of cheap ways to die and annoying parts. But at least it's not baseball.
  2. Well. I made it to the last door but didn't make it before it closed, and died. Bleh. Yeah, I see they meant for you to scare the dinosaurs back with dynamite and jump over them. That's weird though. This game has the classic Rare stench, of a game that is almost good, but isn't due to cheapness. I've pretty much memorized the first 4 levels (never played beyond level 1 before today) and I think I figured out a better way to do level 8 than the walkthough says. Stay tuned.
  3. Yeah I read the walkthrough, and it says to knock it back with dynamite, and jump over it. I would think there would be a way to just kill it though. I guess I just gotta time it.
  4. I tried Digger T. Rock and made it to the last level, and got my ass kicked by the first dinosaur. Is there a way to kill this thing? Hmph.
  5. I beat it without a guide back in the early 90's. It helps that it is one of my favorite games. It's got a few issues though (like bugs). Hand-drawing the maps of the dungeons is a pain. Just be glad you don't have to manually mix reagents like in the PC version.
  6. What... what happened? I don't understand. Super Series Champion? And no password? It's... over? It's OVER. Hahahahaha IT'S OVER!!!!! What do I do now? It's been so long since I played any other game. It will take time to get used to this. In all seriousness, this is without a doubt the worst game I've ever played, in terms of repetitive, boring, grinding the same thing over and over. Worse than Rampage, or Elite, or any other sports game. The only thing that comes close is some gambling games where you have to keep putting money on roulette over and over, and hope you win. But at least
  7. 70 games finished! Something happened today. I got a picture. Something different! I'm in the playoffs!! Does this mean gameplay will change in some way? Will something new happen?? No. It's exactly the same. Just keep playing and winning games. Nothing ever changes.
  8. 50 games won now. For some time, I thought I was in hell, like Sisyphus in an eternity of useless effort and unending frustration. But then I thought, maybe this is some version of heaven, where nothing bad ever happens - which means nothing interesting ever happens. An eternity of blandness. But I think it must be purgatory. Neither heaven nor hell, earth nor afterlife. One day, I will finish this game, and I don't know where I will be then, but at least it won't be doing this.
  9. 35 games down. They say that means I'm halfway. But half of zero is still zero. Half of infinity is still infinity.
  10. Day 7 - 20 games down. The number of games beaten goes up slowly. But every game feels the same. I'm starting to lose track of days now. I have to remind myself to mark when the sun comes out, so I can keep track of the time. I've drawn crude pictures of my family, so I remember what they look like. I almost forgot about little Timmy. I often want to give up, but the only way I make it out of here is to beat the game. I'll keep going.
  11. 10 games down on Bases Loaded IV. This is soooooo boring.
  12. Metroid is there twice, but are you trying to beat it without a walkthrough/map? I finally got around to beating it a couple years ago, and it's really not very difficult or lengthy, if you know where stuff is. Is miracle Miracle Piano? Just play Jingle Bells and I say you beat it.
  13. OK, I started Bases Loaded 4. Was anybody else working on this? If not, I'll keep going through this slog.
  14. OK, I fired this up again to refresh my memory. For batting, just push A when the ball is over the base (or close to it). You can push the control pad to reach for the ball, if you want (if the pitcher is tired, you can see it's going inside/outside and still get a good hit on it). A lot of times, you're just going to miss anyhow. In my opinion, it doesn't matter, because you don't want to be spending lots of time playing. Ideally, you'll get a home run at some point and win the game 1-0 or 2-0 or something. The great thing is, if you play defense ideally, they can almost never score (only way
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