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  1. Golgo-13 is done. I went ahead and played the Famicom version today, because I wanted to see 8-bitty titties and kill Hitler. I wish someone would do an English translation hack of the uncensored version of the game.
  2. If you're still in the mood for pool, Break Time is still on the board. I'm planning to run through Golgo-13 today.
  3. The Lone Ranger is done. @MagusSmurf I guess I should take another couple of cracks at Shadow of the Ninja. I may have a little more time over this weekend, but I won't be too mad if you beat me to it. Were you still thinking of taking on Destiny of an Emperor or Legacy of the Wizard? And with this, I have now gone over 600 points for the fourth straight year. I hope I can score at least 77 more points the rest of the year so I can get to 5000 in my lifetime, but we'll see if I get there given how few games are left that I can reliably do.
  4. Those are all beasts. I can see why they're all in the last 10% of your journey to completing the whole library. Best of luck to you!
  5. Welcome to the thread, fellow champion. We'll obviously let crabby take a stab at Mutant Virus, since he needs to beat it for his personal list as well. Is there anything you would like to play?
  6. Those are two nice clears today. What's next for y'all? Which games are left on the board for @Crabmaster2000 that overlap with his personal quest to beat 'em all? Khromak, are you on to Bases Loaded II next? That's a big one to take for the team. Were you still trying at Tom & Jerry? I got to the twin gunmen right before Butch Cavendish at the end of Lone Ranger, but came up short tonight. I hope to finish this one the next time I have time to play.
  7. I did a little bit more of Lone Ranger last night. I'm going to keep working on that as time permits this week, and maybe do Golgo-13 if I find myself with a few hours all at once. And I might keep taking cracks at Shadow of the Ninja. What's everyone else playing?
  8. Ghoul School is done. And with that, we're down to the final 100 games. And by my math, I've clinched my eighth straight Top-3 finish.
  9. Congrats, Crabby! What's next for ya? I did the first two areas of Lone Ranger last night and had a putrid run on Shadow of the Ninja. I'm hoping to play a little tonight, because I'll probably be out of the house (and away from my consoles) for most of the weekend.
  10. Would love to see you take down Mutant Virus for the thread this year. Any others left on your list and this one?
  11. If my math is sound, I have clinched the overall completions crown for the the eighth straight year. I'm thinking about doing Ghoul School, Golgo-13, Lone Ranger, and continuing to try my luck at Shadow of the Ninja in the next week.
  12. Good luck, dude. I've never beaten either game, but have put some time into both. They are interesting but flawed. Did you ever pick up Destiny of an Emperor? I think you mentioned it previously, but I haven't seen any updates. I was just doing some math, and I'm currently 93 points away from scoring 5000 in the eight-year history of this competition in the points era. It would be awesome to hit that milestone this year, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off given how few games are left that I can reliably beat. It would certainly be a hell of an achievement, though.
  13. No problems, bro. Cobra Command is done. This was a game I grew up with, so the early stages are a cakewalk for me. It only takes about half an hour when you know what you're doing. But the last stage is hard enough to give me some anxiety, so I always wait until late in the list to pick this one up again. Today, I actually beat the whole last stage on one life. I don't think I've ever got the final boss of this game on my first try before, but I'm not arguing with it. If you ever want to try it again someday, I highly recommend "Admiral"'s walkthrough on GameFAQs. There are a l
  14. Based on what? Me eking my way through Captain America? It's luckily easy to farm extra credits. The game is only about an hour long, but it took me about four this afternoon.
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