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  1. Shingen is actually not a Koei game, but people make that mistake all the time. Genghis Khan is also still on the board, and is by Koei. Would you be interested in trying Genghis Khan first? Again, @Tablew/chairsalready sounds like he's going to try for L'Empereur and Shingen the Ruler this year. Since he's within 20 games of beating the whole licensed North American set, I think it's likely he'll finish that this year.
  2. I saw that @Tablew/chairs was planning to do Might & Magic this year, but no one has expressed any intentions of playing either of the remaining Ultima games yet. Quest of the Avatar is supposed to be pretty good, though I wasn't able to get into it (but had sort of been considering giving it a second chance). Warriors of Destiny was a major disappointment when I tried it years ago. I think it has one of the most interesting stories in an old-school RPG, but the gameplay was SO BAD.
  3. And I just want to also give a shout-out to @WashYourFace once again. Not only are you playing one of the most tedious games left on the board, but your public journal of the experience has been really entertaining. Suffering really does create the best art, doesn't it?
  4. @the_wizard_666 Your memory is faulty. We've actually included the unlicensed games in three years of the "Scary Era." And we only successfully cleared them in one of those three years, or once in five tries if we include your earlier challenges as well. NAL = North American (NTSC-U) Licensed NAU = North American Unlicensed EL = European (PAL) Licensed SF = Select Famicom Games 2012 - NAL only (Challenge completed on New Year's Eve) 2013 - NAL + NAU (Challenge failed) 2014 - NAL + NAU (Challenge failed) 2015 - NAL + EL (Challenge completed in mid-Ju
  5. @Gloves This thread may be run on the honors system, but that doesn't mean that the rules aren't strict. The rules even irritated The Mexican Runner when he joined us in the 2016 edition, because he used a continue code to beat Kung Fu Heroes and his completion was disqualified. His rules are that he doesn't look stuff up online, so by finding that continue code on his own he was fine with using it. Our rule here is that cheat codes are only valid if they're given away in the game or printed in the inserts sold with the game. Forbidding turbo controllers certainly makes shooters
  6. @the_wizard_666 I can understand your frustrations, especially as the original concept for this thread was your baby. And as someone who plays unlicensed games, imports, and prototypes I sometimes miss them in this competition, too. But we don't always get to choose the paths that our children will take. It must also be pointed out that this challenge has taken on a life of its own. It has spawned imitators for other platforms, but this one has always seemed to enjoy the greatest level of participation on this forum and its predecessor. And that level of popularity has meant that it
  7. All-Pro Basketball is done. I played through with the New York Slicks this time. Once again, I went undefeated. Once again, the end screen tells me I went 34-1. Bleh. But with Wash making good progress on Bases Loaded IV, that leaves the Second Season of Bases Loaded as the last time sink of a sports game needing to be tackled. With this completion, I have edged past @BeaIank's 2016 championship score to clinch the 7th highest score in the history of this competition. I am still 20 points short of scoring 5,000 in my lifetime, but I'm not sure what I'll try next. I even took a p
  8. Yeah, we've reached the point where all the low-hanging fruit is gone. Everything left has at least two out of three strikes on it: hard, long, and/or unpopular. I am now 2/3s of the way through All-Pro Basketball. But this is the last game on the board that I know I can beat. I'll need to find a couple of first-time clears if I can reach my personal goal of 5000 lifetime points this year.
  9. I'm 15 games into All-Pro Basketball after another marathon this afternoon. So, Same bro, same.
  10. The one that has been applied here in this thread for the past several years is to beat all of the "Convoy Actions" (which are all short and mostly very easy) and at least one "War Patrol" well enough to break the built-in high score (thus achieving the game's highest rank, WGSC or World's Greatest Submarine Commander). There are five available War Patrols, but their differences are pretty superficial. The greatest trick, aside from having to successfully win 4-6 ambush scenarios within a War Patrol to get a WGSC-caliber high score, is being efficient enough with your torpedoes to not run out
  11. I can't believe that I've beaten 25% of your Final 20! You must be saving Ikari III to be played after the first two. That one is shockingly easy. Silent Service is a difficult one to learn. It mystified me for decades, but after reading the instruction manual and looking at a walkthrough on GameFAQs it's actually not all that difficult. RoboWarrior is actually pretty fun if you know what you're doing. You'll have infinite continues, but you won't want to die too often since it costs you half of your items to continue. The stage maps on StrategyWiki are essential, as the game wa
  12. Congrats, @Tablew/chairs! Are you only playing the licensed North American set? What games do you have left to do? Are any of them still on our list this year?
  13. It's always exciting to have @bronzeshieldback in action. Will you be riding your lark into any further NES battles soon, oh marvelous warrior?
  14. I got a little carried away today. I played through the first quarter of All-Pro Basketball in one evening. I'm now 9-0, with 26 games left to play. I have figured out that if I walk away from the game and let it play itself, the CPU can only score about 30 points per quarter. So if I have a 35+ point lead after three quarters, which is typical for me, I can actually wander off and do something else for a few minutes while the garbage time plays itself out. It did bite me in the ass once, when I was playing off and on in the fourth quarter. The final seconds ticked off while I was standin
  15. Freedom Force is fairly straightforward, but brutal. A successful loop only takes about 10 minutes, but I probably spent 3-4 hours across 4-5 days of attempts to get it done. Of course, part of that is just me being old and getting cramped up in the hand after 3-4 rounds of the game. With a little practice, the only really hard level is the fifth and final one of the loop: the terrorists' lair. If you're efficient with your ammo, you will only need to reload there once to survive. (Which is still once more than in any of the first four levels, where you will run out of bad guys before you
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